Wednesday, January 22

Alum’s work on animated series ‘Star Wars Resistance’ brings consistency to canon

(Courtesy of Lucasfilm)


The Resistance and the First Order continue to clash in “Star Wars Resistance.” The computer-generated animated series, which directly precedes “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” will air its series finale on Disney XD on Jan.

Alumna author imbues fiction with scientific rigor, feminist principles

This post was updated Jan. 21 at 7:08 p.m. Catherine Asaro said she needs to mentally restrain herself from putting mathematical functions in her novels. The alumna, who often joins science and feminism in her work, is best known for exploring an intergalactic empire at war in her series, “Saga of the Skolian Empire.” However, she said she didn’t originally intend to write hard science fiction. Read more...

Movie review: It’s not just the boys who are bad, the movie is too

Warning: spoilers ahead They ride together, they die together – and, unfortunately, the Bad Boys made their worst movie yet together. The much-anticipated conclusion to the “Bad Boys” trilogy, “Bad Boys for Life,” brings veteran actors Will Smith and Martin Lawrence back on screen together Friday as Detective Mike Lowrey (Smith) and Detective Marcus Burnett (Lawrence). Read more...

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