Tuesday, March 31

LA City Council, NWWNC take measures to protect homeless amid COVID-19 pandemic

With residents ordered to remain at home, many people are still out on the streets and camped at parks in Westwood. To help them, North Westwood Neighborhood Council President Michael Skiles approved $1,000 to supply locals experiencing homelessness with food and necessities during the pandemic. (Sofia Gonzalez/Daily Bruin)


Westwood stakeholders are mobilizing to counteract the effects of the novel coronavirus pandemic on locals experiencing homelessness. North Westwood Neighborhood Council President Michael Skiles authorized a $1,000 emergency fund March 12 using the Neighborhood Council Emergency Authority.

Temporary shelters open across LA to house homeless in novel coronavirus pandemic

The Westwood Recreation Center has been temporarily sheltering locals experiencing homelessness since March 20 amid “safer at home” orders, raising concerns about health safety. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti directed the city’s homeless population of approximately 59,000 to move indoors in response to the exponential spread of the new coronavirus in LA County. Read more...

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