Thursday, February 27

Study uses genetic information to identify archaic ‘ghost population’

Sriram Sankararaman (left), an assistant professor, and Arun Durvasula, a human genetics graduate student, led a study that discovered evidence of a previously unknown population of ancient humans in West Africa. This group is referred to as a “ghost population” because it has a lack of fossil-based evidence. (Bernard Mendez/Daily Bruin)


A UCLA study discovered evidence for a previously unknown population of ancient humans. The study, which was published in the journal Science Advances on Feb. 12, identified an archaic West African “ghost population,” so named for the lack of fossil-based evidence.

UCLA-led study shows Tylenol has ability to relieve more than physical pain

A UCLA-led study found that forgiveness – coupled with Tylenol – could work to alleviate the pain of social rejection. The study, which appeared in the December 2019 issue of the Annals of Behavioral Medicine, followed a group of 42 college students for three weeks and explored how forgiveness and acetaminophen, an active ingredient in Tylenol, work together to ease social pain. Read more...

UC files charges against UAW Local 2865 following wildcat strikes at UCSC

The University of California filed unfair labor practice charges against a student worker union Tuesday in response to strikes at UC Santa Cruz. The UC claims that United Auto Workers Local 2865, which represents UC student workers, failed to take steps required by its collective bargaining agreement to stop wildcat strikes, or strikes that are not authorized by the union, said UC spokesperson Andrew Gordon in an emailed statement. Read more...

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