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‘The Bachelor’ season 24 recap – episodes 11 and 12

(Courtesy of John Fleenor/ABC)

"Week 10: Season Finale"

March 9 and 10


By Phoebe Chen

March 11, 2020 4:31 p.m.

This post was updated March 11 at 6:40 p.m.

Welcome back, Bachelor Nation, to yet another season of 30 women vying for one man’s heart. The 24th season of the franchise features Peter Weber, a Colton Underwood look-alike nicknamed Pilot Pete. Keep reading for the Daily Bruin’s recap of some of the season’s most notable controversies, heartbreaks and awkward moments, along with a drink suggestion to accompany the drama.

For this season’s finale, hot chocolate is the way to go. After weeks of Peter Weber’s indecision and conflict – ultimately leading to a somewhat predictable flavorless ending – Bachelor Nation deserves something dependable and soothing for a change.

All this season’s drama culminated in a two-night live special where episodes were injected with interviews from familiar characters. In-person audience members were also able to see more of Peter’s family for better or for worse.

The finale kicked off with Hannah Ann meeting Peter’s family in Australia. From the start, Hannah Ann is overcome by her love for Peter, constantly holding back tears and straining her voice when speaking to his parents. Her act quickly gained his family’s approval, especially Pilot Pete’s mom. She says Hannah Ann’s love for him is palpable, which solidifies the bachelorette as the right choice for her son.

Tasked with following up such a smooth family meeting is Madison, who is still upset with Peter’s decision to be intimate with other women. The pair seem to momentarily patch the cracks in their relationship in a private conversation before meeting Peter’s family – although Madison refuses to give Peter a kiss for reassurance.

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Nevertheless, Peter remains madly in love despite his family’s reservations. They believe the couple is too different in terms of lifestyle and beliefs to work. The long-anticipated clip of Peter’s mom crying finally arrives as she begs him to bring Hannah Ann home, leaving Peter torn between his heart and his family’s desires.

After their meeting with Peter’s family, he and Madison spend the rest of their time together on Uluru. Peter continues to tell cameras that he wants to have Madison in his life forever, something that he claims to have known throughout this entire journey. Despite Pilot Pete’s confidence, Madison’s breaks Peter’s heart by leaving the show as she shares the same concerns as Peter’s family.

But the show must go on, and Peter is given no time to grieve his broken heart. The show sweeps him up to meet with an oblivious Hannah Ann the next day to go to a kangaroo sanctuary. Taking comfort in Hannah Ann’s unrelentless love and support for him, Peter separately tells the camera that she is who he would have chosen in the end. But his statement seems to be more of an attempt to convince himself rather than a declaration of any undying love.

With only one bachelorette left in the race, there is no decision for Peter to make. However, Hannah Ann begins to question his emotional availability to her, foreshadowing upcoming turmoil. She develops cold feet prior to the rose ceremony but changes her mind at the last minute, relieving Peter of the reality that he just might be stood up at the altar.

Hannah Ann perilously walks in heels on rocky ground to meet Peter, still unaware that she is the only one showing up. Peter takes her hands in his and proposes, slipping in the fact that she was his only option. Hannah Ann, swept up in the excitement of the occasion, doesn’t have a moment to process this information and happily accepts the ring. Peter’s mom is also hysterical at the desired engagement, crying tears of relief rather than happiness.

Back at the live viewing of the show, however, Chris Harrison shows a clip of the engaged couple after some time has passed, and their future looked nowhere near happily ever after. Peter is still hung up on Madison and distances himself from Hannah Ann, going a whole month without seeing her after their engagement.

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Hannah Ann later flies to Los Angeles to confront Peter over the unrequited love. But her visit ends in heartbreak as she stands up for herself, bringing to attention the unbalanced nature of their relationship. Back in front of the live audience, Peter’s mom claps in agreement as Hannah Ann rehashes the fact that Peter failed to treat her right.

When it seems that this may be the disappointing end of Peter’s journey, Chris takes matters into his own hands and secretly meets with Madison in Auburn, Alabama. Peter’s ex – unaware of all the events that had transpired – admits to still loving the Bachelor and regretting her actions. While this clip is being played, Peter’s mom simmers with fiery contempt for Madison.

But her anger is no match for Chris’ matchmaking skills, and Madison decides to hop on a plane to surprise Peter in Los Angeles anyway. They seem to rekindle their relationship with a sweet embrace and shared feelings, instilling hope in Bachelor Nation that perhaps this Bachelor won’t end up alone. After Madison and Peter discussed their next steps on stage, Chris naturally had to ask Peter’s parents about their opinion on the situation. His mom unleashes her disapproval of Madison and Peter’s dad seconds her opinion albeit in a much less scathing manner.

Despite the confrontation and blatant disapproval, Madison and Peter defend themselves with grace and maturity. They both wish to move on from the past, seeming committed to each other and their future. It’s undeniable that there remains an awkwardness between them, however, leaving room for Peter’s family to be proven correct. Either way, yet another season in “The Bachelor” franchise ends without the promise of engagement. And with a new Bachelorette just announced, “The Bachelor” brand of reality television and true love could be on rocky shores.

The ending of Pilot Pete’s journey seemed rushed and riddled with gaps in time, making for an anticlimactic season finale that raises more questions than a sense of satisfaction.

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Phoebe Chen
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