Wednesday, May 27

Q&A: UCLA’s next Athletics director speaks on bringing his diverse experience to Westwood

New UCLA Director of Athletics Martin Jarmond spent time at Boston College, Ohio State and Michigan State before becoming a Bruin. Jarmond was a two-time captain for UNC Wilmington men’s basketball. (Courtesy of Julia Hopkins/Heights Senior Staff)


Martin Jarmond was officially announced as UCLA’s next director of Athletics on May 19, making him the ninth person to hold that position in the university’s 101-year history.

Battle of the Editors: UCLA’s most documentary-worthy sports storylines

Much like the rest of the sports world, the Daily Bruin Sports editors spent the last five Sundays watching ESPN and Netflix’s 10-part documentary series, “The Last Dance.” The 10-hour saga detailing the rise and fall of the Chicago Bulls’ dynasty with Michael Jordan earned national praise and set Twitter ablaze every week, and it has left audiences begging for more. Read more...

Un-Connon Opinions: Martin Jarmond has major problems to solve as UCLA’s next athletics director

It would be cliche to say the stakes are high for incoming UCLA Athletics Director Martin Jarmond. But that doesn’t make it any less true. UCLA Athletics officially announced Jarmond would head up the department Tuesday, locking him into a six-year contract that makes him one of the highest-paid athletics directors in the Pac-12 and the country. Read more...

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