Tuesday, April 7

Screenings under the stars

For those tired of traditional indoor theater experiences and looking for new means to watch movies, three local outdoor cinemas are rigging up their screens, sound checking their stages and firing up their kitchens for an evening of under-the-stars entertainment. Read more...

Sassy Gay Friend comes to Northwest Campus Auditorium

Thursday nights are meant for friendship. Being fortunate enough to not be plagued with Friday classes, I have reserved the fourth night of my school week for spending quality time and engaging in much needed rapport with my girlfriends. However, this Thursday night I needed change. I needed a fresh perspective and take on life that my female companions couldn't give me. I needed to be in the presence of someone who was fashionably bold, brutally honest and unashamed of human sexuality. In other words, I needed the company of a sassy gay friend.

Northwest Campus Auditorium was packed with more than 300 fans eager to see the viral antics of Brian Gallivan, also known as Sassy Gay Friend, play out live before them instead of on their usual computer screens.