Bricks from a building in downtown Napa fell to the ground Sunday after a 6.0 earthquake shook the town, causing at least $1 billion in damage. (Courtesy of Jenna Joske)

After 6.0-magnitude Napa Valley quake, students recount experiences

UCLA students and Napa residents experienced the strongest earthquake in the Bay Area since 1989 on Sunday, with a 6.0-magnitude quake shaking the town of about 78,000 and beyond. More »

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The Ark, a space station from the TV show "The 100," houses the last-known survivors of a nuclear war on Earth. UCLA alumnus Andrew Orloff and his team at Zoic Studios were nominated for the Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Award in outstanding special and visual effects for their work on "The 100." (Courtesy of CW) UCLA alum Andrew Orloff, visual effects team earn Emmy nomination

Seeing the first “Star Wars film in 1977 was a life-changing experience for UCLA alumnus Andrew Orloff, one that set him on his path toward his career in visual effects. More »

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Ryan Nelson: Public transit improvements can only come with shift in attitude

For more than two years, in an attempt that would’ve made the Simpsons proud, the city of Beverly Hills has argued that L.A. Metro should scrap the Purple Line extension, a Westside-to-downtown subway extension that will run underneath Wilshire Boulevard in favor of a comprehensive, above-ground monorail system, citing faulty scientific research and a lack of demand. More »

In the Shadows

Read our feature series about the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in Malawi, a country that outlaws homosexuality and in which UCLA has a strong research presence. The Daily Bruin spent 24 days in Malawi talking to LGBT Malawians, activists and researchers about the health care and human rights challenges the community faces. The reporting in Malawi was made possible by the Bridget O’Brien Scholarship Foundation, which is in its sixth year of funding UCLA journalism with global reach and local impact.

Read the story, watch videos, and more »
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