Students carry mattresses through Bruin Plaza and across other walks of campus to symbolize the emotional weight that survivors of sexual assault carry each day. The students marched in a loop, past Murphy Hall, through UCLA’s sculpture garden and back to the Bruin Bear. (Aubrey Yeo/Daily Bruin senior staff)

Students carry mattresses in solidarity with sexual assault survivors

Sexual assault survivors and advocates carried mattresses covered in the handwritten accounts of their experiences with gender-based violence in a student-led demonstration Wednesday. The event was inspired by Emma Sulkowicz, a Columbia University student who lost her disciplinary case against the man she claimed raped her in a university dorm room two years ago. More »

UCLA nurses call for improved Ebola preparedness training

(Owen Emerson/Daily Bruin)
Officials at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center have said they are prepared to handle cases of Ebola, though some nurses say otherwise.

UCLA nurses are calling for the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center to improve its procedures and equipment to better prepare for cases of Ebola. At a demonstration Wednesday morning, about 20 nurses gathered outside the UCLA medical center to protest. More »

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(Magnolia Pictures) Movie Review: ‘Force Majeure’

There is a primal instinct that’s generally truer than the traditional fight-or-flight responses: panic. Unbridled, terrified panic. It usually manifests as screaming or, internally, a mind-numbing sense of lingering dread. More »

Wake of the Storm

Read our feature series about recovery efforts in the Philippines, which was devastated by a super typhoon last November. UCLA student donations played a part in the relief missions of several aid agencies in the wake of the storm. The Daily Bruin spent 19 days in the Philippines talking to typhoon survivors and relief organizations. The reporting in the Philippines was made possible by the Bridget O’Brien Scholarship Foundation, which is in its seventh year of funding UCLA journalism with global reach and local impact.

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