Wednesday, May 27

2024 Olympics would give Los Angeles a chance to fix transportation issues

The Summer Olympics might be returning to Los Angeles in 2024. But will the international sporting event do anything for Angelenos? Not everyone takes kindly to the idea of a third Olympics in Los Angeles. Read more...

Photo: A Metro Blue/Expo line train traveling eastbound. An extension of the Expo Line to Santa Monica is slated for opening in early 2016. (Creative Commons photo by user Prayitno via Flickr)

Harm reduction would help prevent drug-related deaths at raves

On Aug. 1, Tracy Nguyen, a rising second-year business economics student at UCLA, died at HARD Summer music festival, one of two deaths that were linked to suspected drug usage. Read more...

Photo: HARD Summer music festival 2012 took place at the Los Angeles State Historic Park. (Creative Commons photo via Wikipedia)

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