Sunday, May 31

Student aids in Nepal earthquake relief, develops nonprofit in Haiti

Jodi Sagorin Spangler took her organic chemistry midterm the morning after returning from doing medical relief work in Nepal, where she studied in her tent at night with flash cards and a headlight. Read more...

Photo: Jodi Sagorin Spangler, a fourth-year human biology and society transfer student, has travelled to Haiti and Nepal to aid rescue workers in relief efforts. (Jessica Zhou/Daily Bruin)

UCLA graduate student incorporates dance background into activism

She stood in front of the downtown Los Angeles police station for hours, repeating movements and instructions before a small group while music blared from a speaker. Read more...

Photo: Shamell Bell, a UCLA graduate student in culture and performance, and Deidra “Krucial” Cooper demonstrated some of the street dance moves they incorporate into their protests. (Hannah Ye/Daily Bruin)