Monday, February 17

Apocalyptic thinking remains wishful, unfulfilled

On the night of Oct. 21, 1844, the northeast United States and thereabouts were all astir. A considerable group of Baptists, inspired by the mathematical prowess of a farmer named William Miller, had come to believe that Christ would come in glory and triumph the next day. Read more...

Amy Chua’s unconventional parenting methods are misunderstood

Long Story Short: January 24, 2011

Is public parking in Westwood going for good? The Westwood Neighborhood Council won’t let it disappear without a fight. Brent Gaisford talks to us about Westwood’s struggles in the face of Los Angeles’s $350 million budget deficit.

Bad economy, better rent prices? What’s the apartment hunt looking like for students fresh out of the dorms?

And what was your mother like? This week, Radio Director Sarah Rogozen asks Accounting Professor John Hughes this question. We also get Daily Bruin Opinion Columnist Jordan Manalastas’s viewpoint on parenting techniques.

You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers on this week’s edition of Long Story Short, the Daily Bruin’s weekly news and culture show.

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"Long Story Short: January 24, 2011"

There is a little quip I have heard somewhere or another about all stereotypes being steeped in truth. Read more...

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