Saturday, February 22

Live at Stagecoach 2019

Daily Bruin staffers are hitting the desert to cover Stagecoach 2019. Stay tuned for stories about your favorite artists and Bruins’ experiences. Read more...

Photo: (MacKenzie Coffman/Assistant Photo editor)

‘White Album’ implicates audience’s (in)action in Joan Didion theater adaptation

A portion of the audience will take the stage at the Freud Playhouse this weekend, partying behind glass panels. The panels are part of a structure meant to resemble journalist and novelist Joan Didion’s 1960s home. Read more...

Photo: “The White Album,” a multimedia performance of Joan Didion’s essay of the same title, will take place at the Freud Playhouse. It includes a regularly seated outer audience as well as an inner audience that will participate in the performance. (Courtesy of Lars Jan)

Student captures candid moments through creative videography for Shawn Mendes tour

Connor Brashier made arrangements to take one of his final exams while in Germany. The second-year psychology student will miss finals week because he is currently shooting videos for Shawn Mendes’ self-titled world tour, which kicked off March 7 in Amsterdam. Read more...

Photo: Second-year psychology student Connor Brashier is currently shooting videos for Shawn Mendes’ self-titled world tour. Brashier got his start shooting lifestyle videos for brands like PacSun, but has recently taken to capturing the energy of concerts by artists like Mendes and The Chainsmokers. (Daily Bruin file photo)

New ways of seeing the sea: Installations invoke emotions of environmental change

Erin Cooney recorded herself grieving over climate change. The video is paired with sounds of insects and other animal life in a Puerto Rican rainforest, which fade out over time to represent the fauna diminishing since the 1970s. Read more...

Photo: Graduate student Erin Cooney will show her exhibition, “I Need the Sea Because It Teaches Me,” at the Broad Art Center on Tuesday after a panel discussion on art and climate change. (Lauren Man/Daily Bruin)

Comedy duo creates bizarre world with new and familiar characters in offbeat show

Self-improvement advertisements occasionally will interrupt The Ian and Austin “Show.” The series of preplanned interludes within the comedy show are meant to imitate short commercials from YouTube or television. Read more...

Photo: Alumnus Austin Nasso and Ian Michaels will host The Ian and Austin “Show” Thursday at The Improv Space. The duo said the show plays with experimental forms of comedy. (Eli Countryman/Daily Bruin senior staff)

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