Thursday, May 28

Coffee Commentary: Noah’s New York Bagels

(Bree Martin/Daily Bruin)

For this week’s Coffee Commentary, we found someplace a little quieter – Noah’s New York Bagels. Originally a small neighborhood-based store, its delicious bagels have transformed it into a West Coast favorite. With an impressive selection of delicious bagels, spreads, juices and coffees, it might be worth checking out.

Bree: Dude, this bagel is so good. I never thought sesame seeds, garlic and herb cream cheese would go together. I was wrong.

Micaela: These bagels are delicious! Plus, the medium coffee is pretty large, and it tastes good. Also, everything is pretty cheap. My bagel with cream cheese and coffee was less than $4. I’ve never really noticed this place in the corner of Westwood, but I’m so glad we decided to come.

Bree: I know! I love coming here on Sunday mornings for a quick bagel and coffee. Now I’m starting to realize how nice of a place it is to study, too. The decor is so New York-esque, very bright and airy, and not at all crowded.

Micaela: Yeah, the New York feeling is a nice break from the L.A. bustle. Can you imagine this place in the rain? So peaceful. It would really transform into a cafe in New York City, I bet. With the high table by the window, I can definitely picture myself sitting there with my books as the rain falls. But even if they were full, there are a good number of tables and a lot of space in here. The environment is so different as well. It’s an even better break from the stress of a library on campus, especially since we are so close to finals. I did notice that there aren’t that many outlets though, which can hinder studying if your battery is low.

Bree: That would be a perfect rainy day. There are just so many food and drink options to choose from – for breakfast and lunch – as well as juices and coffees. It is a much better alternative to the prepackaged chain options. I’m also pretty sure this Wi-Fi is better than mine at home. I might have to switch to whatever service they are using.

Micaela: It certainly beats the school Wi-Fi. Overall, I really like the vibe in here. I think this is a decent place to study – plus, it helps when you get a little hungry for really good bagels.

Bree: I love it. So bright and fresh and different. Kind of a far walk though. Did you notice how close it is to Peet’s? Also you have to be careful with their hours. They are always open pretty early – around 6 a.m. most days – but they close at 5 p.m. weekdays and 4 p.m. on weekends. Figures, though, as it’s primarily a bagel shop.


Micaela: Though I do think the bagels are great and it’s pretty cheap, I think if I am walking all the way down here I’d probably choose to study in Peet’s. I do like the environment, and it can be a nice change in scenery. But with the hours and minimal outlets, it can be a hassle. For studying purposes I’d give it a 6/10.

Bree: Honestly it’s so empty, and the vibe and Wi-Fi are so nice that I think it might be my favorite place so far. I’m just bummed it closes so early – 8/10.

Bree Martin

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