Thursday, February 20

Week one: Ride-hailing wages, the UC and Dignity Health, and Westwood bike lane dispute

This Week in the News serves as The Quad’s space for reflection on current events at and around UCLA. Every week, Daily Bruin staffers will analyze some of the most significant stories to keep readers up to speed. Read more...

Photo: (Left to right: Daily Bruin file photo, Nicole Anisgard Parra/Daily Bruin senior staff, Daily Bruin file photo)

Top Stories of 2019: measles on campus, the college admissions scandal and the Getty fire

The end of the decade has brought with it many controversial, newsworthy moments. To name a few, the measles scare at UCLA in April brought an onslaught of debates about health safety on campus, and Gene Block’s support for a semester system was revisited. Read more...

Photo: (Banner: Andrea Grigsby/Illustrations director and Courtney Fortier/Daily Bruin Top Left: Jintak Han/Daily Bruin senior staff Top Right: Liz Ketcham/Photo editor Bottom Left: Daily Bruin file photo Bottom Right: Courtesy of Reed Hutchinson/UCLA)

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