Thursday, February 20

eSports at UCLA: Bruins embrace realm of competitive video gaming

The Bruins have been a powerhouse in traditional competitive sports, but UCLA is now taking the digital battlefield seriously as well. This year, UCLA has greatly increased its competitive presence outside traditional sporting arenas by fielding multiple teams who are representing the Bruins in competitive gaming tournaments. Read more...

Photo: The trophy on display in 2013 for the League of Legends World Championship, the highest-level competition for the game. (Creative Commons photo by artubr on Flickr)

Throwback Thursday, Week 6: Affirmative action

Affirmative action on university campuses has been a hot-button social and political issue for decades, a slow-burning flame that occasionally explodes and has never truly flickered out. Read more...

Photo: Affirmative action remains one of the most contentious issues in higher education. In the 2000 Daily Bruin Registration Issue, Student Regent Justin Fong argued for the repeal of a pair of UC policies that banned affirmative action. Then-UCLA Chancellor Albert Carnesale, whose column does not appear in this image, opposed affirmative action policies.

Westwood, for rent: The Village’s past and present

Editor’s note: This is the first in a weekly series about the rise, decline and future of Westwood Village, a historic Los Angeles business district located near some of the wealthiest areas of the city: Bel Air, Brentwood and Beverly Hills. Read more...

Photo: The Holmby Hall clock tower building is a symbol of Westwood Village – and a reminder of the bygone glory days of the business district. (Daily Bruin file photo)

‘Cellphones cause cancer’ and other health myths

When I got my first cellphone, my mom told me to not put it in my pocket because it would give me cancer. I rolled my eyes and told her that that was stupid, but I always worried a little when I went to slip my phone into my jeans. Read more...

Photo: No, smartphones don’t cause cancer. (Creative Commons photo by on Flickr)

Throwback Thursday, Week 5: Class conflicts

Enrollment is terrible, it’s always been terrible, it always will be terrible. On Monday, just before the winter class catalog was released and less than a week before students received their enrollment appointments, the administration announced that Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate test credits will no longer count toward advancing students’ enrollment priorities. Read more...

Photo: Enrollment issues were on a whole other level in 1978. (Daily Bruin archives)

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