Thursday, February 20

Throwback Thursday, Week 8: (Lab) School is Cool

No move made by our administration is without calculation. That’s certainly the case for the recently announced Geffen Academy at UCLA, a middle and high school planned to replace the graduate students’ recreation center and cater to the children of faculty, staff and, somehow, Greater Los Angeles. Read more...

Photo: (Daily Bruin archives)

Navigating classes and traffic as a UCLA commuter student

The first half of a series Some people nap in Powell. Some people nap in class. For me, my favorite place to sleep is deep underground, in Parking Structure 7. Read more...

Photo: Automobile traffic on the I-110 near USC. The Purple Line extension, a subway line that would connect the campus to the Metro rail network, is not expected to be completed until 2035. (Creative Commons photo by estebanandjulie on Flickr)

Calling UCLA home means we should care about campus issues

Mom, Dad: I have a confession. I skipped class Thursday. I wasn’t hungover, nor did I sleep in, and I wasn’t watching “The Office” as I’m so prone to doing. Read more...

Photo: Protesters rallied in front of Powell Library on Thursday afternoon in solidarity with University of Missouri students who demanded action be taken in light of racist incidents on the campus. The University of Missouri system president and the Mizzou chancellor both resigned last week. (Tehya Faulk/Daily Bruin)

Throwback Thursday, Week 7: Undocumented students wrapped in red tape

I tend to avoid talking about anything so complicated it demands reading more than one Wikipedia entry to understand. This includes, of course, undocumented immigrants’ issues, which are entrenched in a history of criminalization, exploitation and – the unifying factor – endless bureaucracy. Read more...

Photo: Elizabeth Delgado and Vanessa Portillo deconstructed myths about the undocumented student community in a submission to the Daily Bruin in November 2001. (Daily Bruin file photo)

Quad Questions: Panera, Panera, where art thou?

If you’ve walked around Westwood Boulevard recently, specifically around 800 Degrees and Jimmy John’s, you may have heard and seen that Panera Bread has decided to grace us with its presence. Read more...

Photo: Panera Bread’s opening in Westwood, which was slated for May 2015, has been stalled for months by land-use concerns. (Alyssa Dorn/Daily Bruin)

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