Friday, January 24

Performance arts students deserve same health resources as other athletes

Pain is temporary, but GPA lasts forever. Unless you’re a performing arts student getting injured consistently, that is. UCLA is home to a world-renowned performing arts department, and its students pursue college as a way to practice their passions. Read more...

Photo: Performing arts students face intense physical stress in pursuit of class grades and accolades. These students’ workloads are akin to the stresses of NCAA athletes, but they aren’t afforded have the same amount of medical support. (Daily Bruin file photo)

UCLA advertising schemes take advantage of unsuspecting students

Paying for a full UCLA subscription doesn’t mean you won’t have ads. UCLA is a research university, but it’s also a business. For the 2018 fiscal year, UCLA made about $7.6 billion in revenue – a number which includes operating revenue from organizations such as the UCLA Health System, as well as profits from trademarks and branding fees. Read more...

Photo: (Cody Wilson/Daily Bruin)

Standardized testing is not detrimental to the college application process

Is it b) or not b)? That is the question. At least it’s the question on the minds of millions of SAT and ACT test-takers every year. Read more...

Photo: There is no end in sight to the ongoing debate of whether or not the University of California and other colleges should keep considering standardized test scores in admissions processes. But, the UC ultimately reserves the right to consider test scores with their applicants. (Daily Bruin file photo)