Friday, January 24

California governments need to be held accountable for consequences of homelessness

California Gov. Gavin Newsom proposed an amendment to the California Constitution to push sanctions on cities, doing little to alleviate the homelessness issue. Short-term punishment is not the solution to overarching issues that go far beyond slapping cities’ wrists. (Creative Commons photo by Andre m via Wikimedia Commons)


California’s government is no stranger to inaction regarding homelessness. But under a new proposal, Californians will have another way to distract themselves from doing anything about the situation.

John Wooden Center should be used to quickly address student housing insecurity

They say old habits die hard. And for a 100-year-old university, the habit of sidestepping student homelessness seems particularly hard to change. A little over one week into its second century, UCLA rejected the North Westwood Neighborhood Council’s proposal to provide on-campus parking spaces that would allow housing-insecure students to sleep in their cars. Read more...

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