Monday, February 17

Registration Issue 2019: Uncovered

Successes, struggles, hopes – uncovered. Reveal the past and discover the future of the university in this Registration Issue. Read more...

Photo: (Photo illustration by Liz Ketcham/Photo editor and Andrea Grigsby/Illustration director)

Graduation Issue 2019

This year’s graduation issue reflects on the past year – the journeys taken, progress achieved and the overall growth that students have experienced throughout their time at UCLA. Read more...

Photo: (Photo illustration by Liz Ketcham/Photo Editor & Andrea Grigsby/Illustrations Director)

The Centennial Issue

A century of activism, a dynamic college town. A revered coach and a plan for the unknown. With 100 years of history behind us, what lies ahead for UCLA? Read more...

Photo: (Illustration by Nicole Anisgard Parra/Illustrations Director)

Whose Campus?

A single, clenched fist thrust from a sea of white ivory. That’s the symbol of equity in higher education. It’s the sigil black students wear when they rise up to challenge an institution that has abandoned them. Read more...

Photo: (Lauren Ho/Daily Bruin)

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