Wednesday, January 22

Playwright Max Yu becomes first Chinese American to receive Relentless Award

Non-Mandarin speakers may have difficulty deciphering the dialogue in “Nightwatch.” Using Mandarin characters in its dialogue, the play is set against the backdrop of China’s Cultural Revolution. Read more...

Photo: Alumnus Max Yu’s play “Nightwatch” recently won the Relentless Award, making him the first Chinese American awardee. The play explores the lingering effects of China’s Cultural Revolution on different generations of the family. (Courtesy of Max Yu)

Local cat can’t keep his paws off Westwood residents’ hearts

Hayden Montgomery said her cat’s day consists of more than just sleeping at home. Instead, Charlie brings people together in the Westwood neighborhood he roams. Recently, the cat has begun to wander throughout his community during the day, lounging on couches and playing with pets living in homes nearby, Montgomery said. Read more...

Photo: Graduate student Hayden Montgomery runs an Instagram for her cat Charlie. The cat spends its days wandering through Westwood neighborhoods and playing with pets in homes nearby. The account, @char.babe, serves as a place where neighbors who see Charlie throughout the day can send photos to Montgomery, she said. (Ashley Kenney/Daily Bruin)

Podcast ‘Elderllama’ breaks down the universe with casual conversation

Science, philosophy and the intricacies of the universe are casual conversation topics in the podcast “Elderllama.” The show was created by second-year cognitive science student Erick Amezcua, who started uploading episodes in late 2019. Read more...

Photo: Erick Amezcua’s podcast “Elderllama” covers everything from science to philosophy. He makes complex scientific topics conversational with the guests on his showing order to try to make learning fun. (Courtesy of Erick Amezcua)

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