Saturday, January 18

GRE wastes applicants’ time, fails to indicate future student success

Prospective graduate students have a lot of boxes to check: personal statements, transcripts and also a four-hour high school review costing about $200, otherwise known as the GRE. Read more...

Photo: The general GRE tests students in verbal reasoning, quantitive reasoning and analytical writing, but graduate programs in the University of California system should no longer require students to take the exam to apply. The general GRE test doesn’t test students in the knowledge they’ll need to know in their prospective graduate degree programs and is, therefore, an unnecessary hassle. (Amy Dixon/Photo editor)

Sandra Wenceslao: Installation of security cameras in Kerckhoff would deter criminals

Fear no more, cameras are on their way. On their way to Kerckhoff Hall, at least. The Undergraduate Students Association Council discussed the installation of cameras on the third and fourth floors of Kerckhoff Hall on May 8. Read more...

Photo: Kerckhoff Hall has a history of vandalism and thefts. Student leaders have been talking about adding cameras to the third floor of the building – a much-needed addition. (Amy Dixon/Assistant Photo editor)

Sandra Wenceslao: UCLA should better publicize alternatives to DUO app in MFA process

Students now have yet another reason to be glued to their phones. UCLA recently tightened up its cybersecurity with the implementation of multifactor authentication. Signing in to MyUCLA, CCLE or any UCLA application now requires at least two forms of verification: the original password and then a mobile app push login request, a call or a texted code. Read more...

Photo: The Bruin Online office can help students seeking backup login options for logging into UCLA applications. The problem, however, is few know this, or about backup options in general. (MacKenzie Coffman/Daily Bruin)

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