Monday, May 25

New bill aims to protect privacy and safety of domestic violence survivors

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a new bill into law Aug. 7 that aims to protect the privacy and safety of domestic violence survivors. Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson authored Senate Bill 331, which allows campus-based domestic violence counselors to keep their communications with survivors of domestic violence confidential. Read more...

Photo: UC-employed domestic violence counselors can now exercise evidentiary privilege to keep confidential their communications with their clients after Gov. Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 331. (Daily Bruin file photo)

UC graduate student leaders form independent advocacy group

University of California graduate and professional student leaders created a new group to better advocate for graduate student interests at a meeting last week. At the UC Graduate and Professional Summit, which lasted from July 28 to July 31, representatives from 10 campus graduate student associations passed a resolution creating the UC Graduate-Professional Coalition. Read more...

Photo: University of California campus graduate student associations formed a coalition to represent their specific interests. (Courtesy of Joshua Baum)

Gov. Jerry Brown signs state budget that increases funds for UC

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a $125 billion state budget Tuesday for the 2017-2018 fiscal year that slightly raises state funds for the University of California, but links some funding to certain conditions. Read more...

Photo: Gov. Jerry Brown signed a state budget Tuesday that will increase state funds for the University of California. (Daily Bruin file photo)

UCLA researchers awarded funding to provide care for youth HIV

This post was updated June 2 at 11:20 p.m. A multiuniversity project led by UCLA researchers received $20 million from the federal government Friday to provide services for teenagers and young adults who have been diagnosed or are at risk for HIV. Read more...

Photo: Mary Rotheram-Borus (far left), former director of the Center for HIV Identification, Prevention and Treatment Services, will head an initiative to study and develop treatment for HIV-positive youth. (UCLA Newsroom)

Amendment proposed to give control of UCOP budget to state legislature

The University of California Office of the President could lose its financial autonomy if a state constitutional amendment proposed Tuesday becomes law. State Sen. Edward Hernandez introduced Senate Constitutional Amendment 14, which would allow the California State Legislature to allocate UCOP’s budget. Read more...

Photo: A state senator proposed a constitutional amendment that would restructure the University of California Board of Regents and limit the fiscal autonomy of the UC Office of the President. Some lawmakers have criticized UC President Janet Napolitano after an audit found UCOP did not disclose $175 million in reserve funds. (Jintak Han/Assistant Photo editor)

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