Friday, April 10

Q&A: Actor and puppeteer discusses unique experience of portraying a monkey on HBO

Monkeying around on set is no laughing matter for Brian Fisher – especially when he has to screech like one too. As the voice actor and puppeteer for the Golden Monkey on HBO’s “His Dark Materials,” Fisher said the role demands a willingness to feel silly on set as he mimics the sounds and breaths of a golden monkey. Read more...

Photo: Brian Fisher is the puppeteer and voice actor for the Golden Monkey in HBO’s “His Dark Materials.” He works alongside Ruth Wilson to bring life to both her character, Mrs. Coulter, and her dæmon. (Courtesy of Alex Bailey/HBO)

Graduate student to direct ‘Romeo and Juliet’-based short film in sculpture garden

In a space that was once used for comedy, Zhou Ye set out to reimagine a classic tale of star-crossed lovers. Ye, a graduate student in the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television, will begin directing his first film of the quarter. Read more...

Photo: Graduate student Zhou Ye is working on his upcoming short film, “Roman and Julie,” which is inspired by both William Shakespeare’s classic love story “Romeo and Juliet” and UCLA’s Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden. (Axel Lopez/Daily Bruin senior staff)

Second Take: Streaming services will saturate already substantial market, overwhelming subscribers

This post was updated Oct. 23 at 10:04 a.m. Sometimes the sheer volume of options becomes so overwhelming that consumers choose nothing at all. Netflix subscribers are no strangers to this sensation. Read more...

Photo: Disney+ and Apple TV+ are two upcoming streaming services that will be in competition with Netflix. In recent months, Disney has been pulling its content from other streaming services in preparation to put it on its own platform, which will offer classic Disney content as well as new film and television shows. (Liz Ketcham/Photo editor)