Monday, March 30

Musical review: While spectacularly produced, ‘Frozen’ fails to bring anything new to the table

The musical “Frozen” is technologically and visually stunning, but entirely unnecessary. While Disney Theatrical Productions may have set out to build a snowman – and does with Olaf being given new life by his puppeteer – the end result still presents a six-year-old story with not enough new elements to justify its existence. Read more...

Photo: (Courtesy of Deen van Meer)

Q&A: Actor and puppeteer discusses unique experience of portraying a monkey on HBO

Monkeying around on set is no laughing matter for Brian Fisher – especially when he has to screech like one too. As the voice actor and puppeteer for the Golden Monkey on HBO’s “His Dark Materials,” Fisher said the role demands a willingness to feel silly on set as he mimics the sounds and breaths of a golden monkey. Read more...

Photo: Brian Fisher is the puppeteer and voice actor for the Golden Monkey in HBO’s “His Dark Materials.” He works alongside Ruth Wilson to bring life to both her character, Mrs. Coulter, and her dæmon. (Courtesy of Alex Bailey/HBO)

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