Wednesday, January 29

Movie review: ‘Gifted’

Advice for seeing “Gifted” – bring a box of tissues. The film packs a surprisingly honest emotional punch, thanks to the earnest yet nuanced performances of the film’s cast and a refreshing plot that keeps the familiar family drama from feeling stale. Read more...

Photo: (Courtesy of Wilson Webb)

Movie review: ‘The Fate of the Furious’

The best action sequence of “The Fate of the Furious” isn’t in the trailers. It’s not the scene where self-driving cars go rogue in New York City, nor is it the car chase involving a tank, an orange Lamborghini and a submarine racing across a frozen Russian bay. Read more...

Photo: (Courtesy of Matt Kennedy)

Yukai Daiko’s Dance Marathon performance shows off power of taiko drums

Four large taiko drums took over the stage as Dance Marathon neared the end of its 26-hour run with a performance from Yukai Daiko. “The reason we decided to audition was just to bring the sound of Japanese drumming into the mix of the other performers,” said fourth-year art student Hoi Leung, one of the co-directors of the group. Read more...

Photo: Yukai Daiko energized the Dance Marathon crowd with resounding beats from four taiko drums, which they used to encourage chanting and dancing. (Esmeralda Lopez/Daily Bruin)

NSU Modern, Random Voices bring upbeat performances to Dance Marathon

Dance Marathon participants began incorporating handstands and planks into their dance moves in order to give their legs a break during the 22nd hour of the event. Read more...

Photo: Random Voices brought an early 2000s hip-hop medley to Dance Marathon, performing songs including “No Scrubs” by TLC and “Independent Women, Pt. 1” by Destiny’s Child. (Ken Shin/Daily Bruin)

Alum’s podcast ‘Digits’ explores relationship between humans, numbers

This post was updated on April 2 at 2:10 p.m. James Simenc spends a lot of time in his car, which helped inspire his new podcast. Read more...

Photo: UCLA alumnus James Simenc interviews entomologist Justin Schmidt at a lab for an episode of Simenc’s biweekly podcast “Digits.” The podcast examines the relationship between humans and numbers by exploring mathematical concepts that apply to real life. (Courtesy of Matt Simenc)

Students to tell stories of incarcerated people via modernized ‘The Wiz’

Hip-hop theater performance “What It Iz!” is like a modern-day version of Shakespeare for Ayanna McKnight. “Spoken word and poetry, in and of itself, go together,” said the third-year theater student. Read more...

Photo: Student actors explored themes of racial injustice and the incarceration system when preparing for the spokenwordical “What It Iz!” (Frank To/Daily Bruin)

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