Tuesday, May 26

Residents find convenience, community at alternative housing option PodShare

Andrei Atanasovski said PodShare is the only housing he can afford within walking distance from campus. “I’m pretty sure without this as a solution I wouldn’t have been able to make it through my program,” Atanasovski said. Read more...

Photo: Vince Augusto is a student at the Westwood PodShare, a housing community on Hilgard Avenue that offers hostel-style living for its residents. PodShare offers about 200 beds across its five locations in Los Angeles. (Niveda Tennety/Daily Bruin)

Hammer Museum’s $180 million expansion to improve accessibility, add exhibits

This post was updated Jan. 8 at 6:13 p.m. The Hammer Museum will undergo renovations and expansion on Wilshire Boulevard through 2020 to include new galleries and office space. Read more...

Photo: Scott Tennent, chief communications director for the Hammer Museum, said the new space where City National Bank is currently located will be used to house a full gallery and a new entrance to the museum. (Courtesy of Michael Maltzan Architecture)

Pending program would give portion of parking revenue back to Westwood Village

Westwood Village is in the final stages of gaining approval for a program that will allow the Village to receive part of the revenue generated from its parking meters. Read more...

Photo: Currently, all parking meter revenue generated by Westwood goes to the City of Los Angeles. If the program is approved, 15 percent of the revenue from parking meters will go back to the Westwood Village Improvement Association to improve the Village. (Amy Dixon/Photo editor)