Saturday, January 25

Students demand to be heard

“Whose university? Our university.” Student protesters chanted to the beat of a drum Wednesday at the Rock the Regents Meeting rally where activists demanded their voices be heard by the University of California’s governing body. Read more...

USAC restarts student government internship program

After a three-year hiatus, the undergraduate student government presidential internship program has been reimplemented to provide students with leadership skills. More than 40 interns in the Undergraduate Students Association Council’s Presidential Empowerment Internship program are scheduled to be placed in the various USAC offices this week, where they will gain first-hand experience in working in an undergraduate government setting. Read more...

Council postpones vote on 2 resolutions

In an act becoming familiar to the undergraduate student
government during their meetings in weeks past, voting was
postponed on two resolutions placed on the agenda Tuesday
The two resolutions on the Undergraduate Students Association
Council's agenda "“ a resolution in support of organized
labor and a resolution against Taco Bell on the UCLA campus "“
will be pushed to the Nov.

EVP Matt Kaczmarek juggles classes, USAC duties

As the external vice president for the undergraduate student government, Matt Kaczmarek faces challenges the average UCLA student may not encounter. Kaczmarek spends almost every weekend traveling across the country attending conferences, lobbying Congress and advocating for students on issues like fee increases and enrollment caps. Read more...

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