Tuesday, February 18

Spring Sing 2017

On Friday, contestants for Spring Sing 2017 will take the stage of Pauley Pavilion. The annual event brings together music, rap, dance and comedy performances into one evening. Read more...

Photo: (Kaley Powers/Daily Bruin)

Spring Sing 2017: Ryan Nealon finally takes the Pauley stage with his band Third Degree

Ryan Nealon has auditioned for Spring Sing four years in a row with three different band names. This year, the fourth-year ethnomusicology student will finally take the Pauley Pavilion stage with his band, Third Degree; it will be their first time performing in the show. Read more...

Photo: Fourth-year ethnomusicology student Ryan Nealon and second-year psychology student Jada Banks-Mace will be singing a duet with their band, Third Degree, at Spring Sing 2017. (Anisha Joshi/Daily Bruin)

Collecting Creatives: Design student puts spin on storytelling with 360-degree camera

Nate Mohler had to translate a Korean instruction manual the first time he operated a 360-degree camera. The Samsung Gear 360 camera, which was so new at the time that it didn’t even come with English instructions, has come into the mainstream since Mohler first picked it up in the summer of 2016, he said. Read more...

Photo: Second-year Design | Media Arts student Nate Mohler uses a 360-degree camera to make immersive short films and to document his artwork. Mohler shot one of his short films, “Staring Contest,” in an abandoned warehouse. During the staring contest, the viewer’s opponent’s head explodes, and the viewer can look around at the newly blood-spattered walls. (Manpreet Grewal/Daily Bruin)

Movie review: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’

“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” bursts with colorful characters and even more dazzling scenery, but fails to organize it all into one cohesive film. The movie retains striking dichotomies that made the first installment of the franchise so memorable: futuristic metropolitan worlds paired with hit songs from the ’60s and ’70s, as well as pop culture references – such as a brief cameo by David Hasselhoff – that freshen up the science fiction genre. Read more...

Photo: (Disney)

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