Friday, February 28

UCLA Wind Ensemble brings a touch of Thai music to its performance on March 2

UCLA Wind Ensemble
March 2, 8 p.m.
Schoenberg Hall, $5 for students with ID The UCLA Wind Ensemble is going global. More specifically, it is attempting to transport its listeners to the heart of Bangkok by performing songs composed by three Thai composers, including the King of Thailand himself. The Wind Ensemble will be performing on March 2 at 8 p.m. in Schoenberg Hall with Nipatdh Kanchanahuta, conductor of the wind symphony at Kasetsart University in Bangkok, Thailand, serving as the principal guest conductor. "We thought it would be fun to do something different," said Gordon Henderson, associate director of bands at UCLA. Read more...

*Live Blogging |* Leah Christianson: "The soreness I'm feeling now was worth it"

Leah Christianson, one of our very own Arts & Entertainment contributors, will be sending us her comments and rants throughout the 26-hour event. Follow along here to get a firsthand account of Dance Marathon through the eyes of a dancer.



Daily Bruin Arts and Entertainment contributor Leah Christianson is posting updates as she experiences 26 hours of dancing first hand.

LA fusion band Fool's Gold blends Western music and African rhythms with variety of instruments and a cowbell

UCLA, I need more cowbell.

I had to bite my tongue from yelling this (I can't resist a classic Saturday Night Live reference) as the fusion band Fool's Gold performed in Bruin Plaza Wednesday at noon. The instruments onstage outnumbered the band members, and the interesting use of three electric guitars, a saxophone, traditional African instruments, drums, bongo sets and, of course, a cowbell, made for an entertaining show that literally had people dancing in the streets.

The laid-back music provided the perfect soundtrack as students and faculty strolled by, and standing in the 70-degree weather, I felt as though I was at an eclectic outdoor venue or a poolside barbecue, rather than stopping outside Ackerman Union after class.


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