Friday, February 28

Bruins learn from their own “˜Internship’

Most UCLA students would not choose to spend their Friday nights in a parking garage. Yet from midnight to 3 a.m., there is no place that the five members of The Internship would rather be. Read more...


Courtesy of Connor Vance
The Internship performs at Bruin Plaza during Thank UCLA Day. Tonight, it will perform with Owl Fly South at Kerckhoff Coffee House.

L.A. Theatre Works explores modern love in its new radio theater production “˜Completeness’

"Completeness," the L.A. Theatre Works new radio theater production, attempts to answer questions about love and relationships through the story of a romance between a molecular biologist and a computer scientist. Read more...


Jason Ritter and Mandy Siegfried star in “Completeness,” a new radio theater production by L.A. Theatre Works at the James Bridges Theater.

Soundbites: "Chesapeake"

In the three years since her last studio album, singer and songwriter Rachael Yamagata has contributed to albums by Katharine McPhee, Terra Naomi and even the Muppets. Read more...

Getting away: the essential summer road trip playlist

Sampler of: Road Trip Songs

August 14, 2011 – Music is essential to any road trip, and there’s no time for music like the present. Here’s a sampler of Leah Christianson’s summer road trip playlist. [2:50]

"Sampler of: Road Trip Songs"

There are three essentials for a successful summer road trip. 1. Tasty snacks (I prefer peanut butter filled pretzels and Red Vines.) Read more...


Leah Christianson