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Global Siblings program at UCLA fosters friendships between international and domestic students

Despite having grown up more than 6,000 miles apart and being five years apart in age, Russian native Anastasia Burkovskaya and California native Deborah Mariscal found each other last year through the Global Siblings program at UCLA. Read more...


California resident Deborah Mariscal, a third-year linguistics and philosophy student, and Russian native Anastasia Burkovskaya, an economics graduate student, participated in the Global Siblings program, which is housed in the Dashew Center for International Students & Scholars.

Bruin creates audiobook offering advice to students on transfer process

Michael Esfahani talks about 'UC ME NOW' audiobook

UCLA transfer student Michael Esfahani created an audiobook to help community college students transfer into the school of their choice. He talked with Long Story Short host Christyana Cabal about the benefits and challenges of recording an audiobook.

"Michael Esfahani talks about 'UC ME NOW' audiobook"

His recording studio was a small, quiet room at a local library in his hometown of Orange County. His sole piece of recording equipment was a USB microphone, purchased with high school graduation money he saved for three years. Read more...


Michael Esfahani, a fourth-year political science and psychology student, created “UC ME NOW” earlier this month, an audiobook to help students from California community colleges transfer to four-year universities.

New staff to broaden environmental humanities

With smog blanketing its skies and thousands of cars clogging its freeways daily, Los Angeles might not seem like the ideal place for environmental faculty from Stanford University to call their new home. Read more...


Allison Carruth, a professor in the English department. (courtesy of Allison Carruth)

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