Thursday, May 28

Keshav Tadimeti: Administration should improve communication with undergraduates

For the record, in my one year at UCLA I have only ever seen one of the Murphy Hall tenants in person. Actually, make that two: I not only had the good fortune of listening to Vice Chancellor Jerry Kang during the fall 2015 Diversity Caucus, but I also got to witness Chancellor Gene Block walk across Bruin Plaza while busily looking at his phone. Read more...

Photo: (Harishwer Balasubramani/Daily Bruin)

Lost in Boelter: Speaking the pseudo-language

One of the lesser–known skills computer science students pick up in college is the ability to create pseudo-languages. I’m not talking about coding languages, but systems of interpretation, where certain words and phrases map to particular meanings. Read more...

Photo: Pseudo-languages reveal the artistry of computer science. (Internet Archive images via Flickr)

Lost in Boelter: Code-switchable

One doesn’t usually associate staring at a computer screen with self-reflection – except for, of course, when you’re staring at a glossy screen. Surprisingly, I’ve recently noticed myself doing a great deal of both throughout my experience with computer science. Read more...

Photo: Those who lack creativity in computer science are in for a hard landing. (Creative Commons photo by HackNY via Flickr)

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