Monday, March 30

UCLA, USC students set aside rivalry to collaborate in L.A. history seminar

A heated rivalry for Los Angeles supremacy on the football field and in the rankings has not stopped collaboration between UCLA and USC in the classroom. Read more...


Professor of history and Chicana/Chicano studies Eric Avila teaches a joint seminar about the history of Los Angeles at the Huntington Library in San Marino. The seminar is available to graduate students from both UCLA and USC.

UCLA engineering students launch networking site Hyphos

When Alex Capecelatro came to UCLA from New York in 2006, he created an extreme sports club to meet others who liked BMX cycling. Read more...


From left, Jason Hsin, Spencer Hochberg, Alex Capecelatro, Daniel Wilhelm and Professor Leonard Kleinrock are part of a group of mostly UCLA students and alumni starting a social networking site.

UCLA student magicians practice, perform the complex art of illusion

Turning black aces into red aces and linking and unlinking metal rings are just a few of the magic tricks Krystyn Lambert has up her sleeve. Read more...


From left, third-year history student Aaron Rabkin, second-year philosophy student Krystyn Lambert and second-year neuroscience student Matt Singer, who balance schoolwork with magic.