Friday, February 21

Electronic musicians Daedelus and Tokimonsta to perform at Broad Art Center

Daedelus will be performing with Tokimonsta today in the Experimental Digital Arts space at UCLA's Broad Art Center as part of Campus Events Commission's partnership with the Design | Media Arts undergraduate exhibition. Read more...


Alfred Darlington, better known by his stage name Daedelus, will be playing on campus tonight along with fellow electronic artist Tokimonsta in Broad Art Center.

Courtesy of Laura Darlington

UCLA student Julian Cubillos to perform unplugged tonight in Fowler Out Loud concert

Third-year ethnomusicology student Julian Cubillos was only 5 years old when his parents enrolled him in guitar lessons, but he quickly developed an interest of his own in punk and jazz. Cubillos said he was first trained in classical music and has taken guitar lessons with guitarist and UCLA lecturer Wolf Marshall. Read more...


Julian Cubillos (left) and bandmate Evan Vidar will be performing at the Fowler Out Loud concert today at 6 p.m. in the Fowler Museum courtyard. Cubillos has previously performed at UCLA last year as part of Cultural Affairs Commission’s Monday Night Jazz/Folk Series.

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