Monday, May 25

Gamer’s Guide: Video game romance, although inorganic, amplifies play experience

Games have always been a huge part of the entertainment industry, but what makes them entertaining? Game makers expend significant effort making design decisions people often don’t think about when they’re playing each game. Read more...

Photo: In DONTNOD Entertainment’s hit game “Life is Strange,” players can choose to instigate a romantic relationship between the two main characters Chloe and Max. Columnist Evan Charfauros argues the game utilizes romance to increase character investment. (Creative Commons photo by MrRiddell via Flickr)

Movie review: ‘Game Night’

A movie is bound to be entertaining if its main characters play “Dance Dance Revolution” at their wedding ceremony. Directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein’s latest action-comedy “Game Night” follows a group of friends who find themselves unwittingly involved in the world of organized crime during a weekly game-night gathering. Read more...

Photo: (Courtesy of Hopper Stone)