Thursday, May 28

Photo: Renewable Energy Association sorts trash, gathers data on waste trend

Student volunteers in the Renewable Energy Association at UCLA separated piles of approximately 300 bags of trash into bins sorted for liquids, landfill, recyclables and compost at Wilson Plaza on Thursday for an event called “Waste Audit.” Claire Buzzelli, the club’s biofuels project co-lead and a third-year chemical engineering student, said the campus needs data on the various types of trash to create proposals to reach its goal of having zero waste by 2020. Read more...

Photo: (Laura Uzes/Daily Bruin)

Donation from law school alumnus funds student commons renovation

The UCLA School of Law is renovating its student commons following a $1 million donation from one of its alumni. Alumnus Arthur Greenberg’s gift will fund a remodeling project to expand and modernize the Arthur N. Read more...

Photo: The UCLA School of Law’s student commons will get a repurposed locker room and new furniture following a $1 million donation from an alumnus.(Daily Bruin file photo)

UCLA survey finds transgender adults face disparities in mental health

UCLA researchers found transgender adults are more likely to attempt suicide and more often delay taking prescribed medication than adults who identify with the sex assigned to them at birth. Read more...

Photo: The UCLA Williams Institute, which is part of the UCLA School of Law, released results from its statewide public health survey Tuesday. The institute conducts research on LGBTQ public policy. (Daily Bruin file photo)

Computer science department appoints new chair

The computer science department appointed a new chair Wednesday to expand the size of the department and strengthen its connections with other parts of campus. Adnan Darwiche, a professor of computer science, will begin serving a five-year term as department chair on Nov. Read more...

Photo: Adnan Darwiche will serve as chair for the computer science department for the next five years, and will help in expanding the department size and strengthen its connection with the David Geffen School of Medicine. (Courtesy of UCLA Newsroom)

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