Saturday, May 30

Alumna’s film explores life of ‘American Revolutionary’

When UCLA alumna Grace Lee met 98-year-old Grace Lee Boggs, she knew she had found something revolutionary. According to Lee, Boggs, a Chinese-American social activist, played a leading role in social movements that swept through Detroit during her lifetime, including the Black Power, Civil Rights, feminist and labor movements.Boggs’ rich history fascinated Lee – what was originally meant as a two-hour interview turned into a five-day conversation between Lee and Boggs. Read more...

Photo: Directed by UCLA alumna Grace Lee (right), “American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs” explores the life and philosophy of Chinese-American activist Grace Lee Boggs (left), featuring the social movements in which Boggs played a role. (Courtesy of Grace Lee)

TFT student’s ‘Of Love, My Siren’ inspired by Chinatown

Chinese dragons, fortune cookies, flashing pagodas. Classic icons of San Francisco’s Chinatown illuminate the screen as a sultry nightclub singer takes the stage in a crowded speakeasy. Read more...

Photo: “Of Love, My Siren” is the thesis film of UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television student Chelsey Dubiel. The story centers on the romantic relationship of lovers Leu and Tony, set in the backdrop of San Francisco’s Chinatown.

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