Saturday, January 18

The Quad: How to handle jet lag and week one simultaneously

While many people experience jet lag only after sparse international travel, for international and some out-of-state college students, jet lag is just another recurrent issue to contend with as we return to campus from winter break. Read more...

Photo: For many out-of-state and international students, jet lag is just another part of returning to UCLA from longer breaks. (Appurva Goel/Daily Bruin)

The Quad: Living with HIV in 2016 – has anything changed?

As we round out the last month of 2016, it’s become evident that we are not as progressive a country as we once thought. The nation elected a president whose candidacy ran on repealing the Affordable Care Act, which gave millions of Americans once-unattainable health care coverage. Read more...

Photo: What is it like to live with HIV in 2016? (Creative Commons photo by Sham Hardy via Flickr)