Saturday, January 18

The Quad: The problem with people who dismiss microaggressions

UC Berkeley is infamously liberal. It’s the birthplace of the free speech movement, it stages protests that often make the front page of national dailies and its student body just elected a bipartisan student government headed by a member of the LGBTQ community. Read more...

Photo: (Creative Commons photo by Charlie Nguyen via Flickr)

The Quad: The Hill lacks healthy, nutritious quick-serve options

It was 4 p.m. on the first day of spring quarter. Instead of being inside my cool dorm room after a tiring day of back to back classes, I was standing in the middle of the Sunset Village patio frantically checking the nutritional analysis of the food options available at the quick-serve restaurants while trying to ignore the embarrassingly loud hunger growls of my stomach and the hot sun on my neck. Read more...

Photo: Quick-service options on the Hill are often unhealthy, but time-strapped students typically use them more than the dining halls. (Daily Bruin file photo)

Trivial Pursuits Tuesday: Ghosting

In this week’s Valentine’s Day-themed Trivial Pursuits, we discuss one of the most prominent and perplexing phenomenon of our generation’s dating culture: ghosting. Listen in as our Daily Bruin contributors, Appurva Goel and Yao Lin, try and unravel the mystery behind the main reason why hearts and kisses – or even a text back – may not be in the stars for many Bruins on this Hallmark holiday. Read more...

Photo: (Juliette Le Saint/Daily Bruin)