Thursday, February 20

Jessica McGuire, captain of the women's rowing team, maintains high spirits while surviving a tumor

Jessica McGuire grinned and asked, "Want to see it?" She lifted her shirt, showing a foot-long pink scar that snaked around from her back to just below her sports bra. Underneath were marks left behind by two half-inch incisions. Read more...


Jessica McGuire, the captain of the UCLA women’s rowing team, had an operation last year to remove a football-sized tumor from inside her chest. McGuire has maintained her tenacity and sense of humor in the course of her recovery.

Courtesy of Jessica McGuire

Not so simple

A golf ball tumbled down a chute and plunked onto the plastic seat of a chair. Read more...


Members from Team Kitten Cannon, above, took second place at the Rube Goldberg competition hosted by UCLA engineering honors society Tau Beta Pi on Saturday.

Paying for out-of-state tuition

Ryan McNagny could have attended an in-state college. He was accepted to the highly ranked Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, a three-hour drive away from his hometown, Fort Wayne. Read more...


Ryan McNagny is an out-of-state student from Indiana. He has seen his tuition fees increase by 24.3 percent since coming to UCLA in 2009.

Former UCLA Chancellor Charles Young fighting to overturn Proposition 13 in court

The year was 1978. Voters re-elected Jerry Brown as governor; University of California students paid $671 in tuition; and Charles Young was UCLA's chancellor. That June, Proposition 13 passed with the primary aim of reducing and capping property taxes, which were dramatically increasing as the real estate market boomed. Read more...


Former UCLA Chancellor Charles E. Young is part of a lawsuit to overturn Proposition 13 on state constitutional grounds. Young was chancellor of UCLA from 1968 to 1997. (Daily Bruin file photo)

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