Friday, May 29

Digitized horoscopes offer young people sanctuary in chaos, founder says

Ross Clark’s sun sign is a Leo, which means he’s predisposed to thinking he has the best astrological sign, he said. But before fully immersing himself in the world of astrology, the CEO and co-founder of the mystical services and astrology app Sanctuary said he started by reading horoscopes from the New York Post on his former boss’ desk while working as an entertainment publicist. Read more...

Photo: (Jennie Wang/Daily Bruin)

‘Gemini Man’ effects team innovates new film technology to digitize character

Director Ang Lee said he set out to create a digital Will Smith in “Gemini Man” that would be as realistic as the tiger in “Life of Pi.” “Gemini Man,” Paramount Pictures’ newest release, hit theaters Friday following a press conference Oct. Read more...

Photo: Will Smith stars as both Henry Brogan and Junior in Paramount’s newest release, “Gemini Man.” Smith sat alongside Ang Lee, Jerry Bruckheimer, Clive Owen, Bill Westenhofer and Guy Williams in a press conference panel discussing the technologically innovative film. (Photo by Ariana Saigh)

Enthusiasm abounds in Pauley Pavilion as Dance Marathon 2019 begins

A choreographed dance to “Burnin’ Up” by the Jonas Brothers kicked off UCLA’s 18th annual Dance Marathon. The fundraiser’s first hour also featured an address by Pediatric AIDS Coalition President Melissa Miller, a fourth-year political science and Russian Studies student, who explained the theme of this year’s Dance Marathon: embrace. Read more...

Photo: Dancers divided into various teams, represented by colors, during the first hour of Dance Marathon, each participating in chants and dances. The purple team based their chant off Ariana Grande’s “7 rings.” (Ashley Kenney/Daily Bruin)

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