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Out of Bounds: Pick Up Our Insert

By Sam Connon, Ryan Smith, and Jared Tay

Feb. 27, 2020 6:36 p.m.

UCLA men’s basketball has won nine of its last 11 games, and it will take a five-game winning streak into its homestand against Arizona State and Arizona this weekend. On this week’s episode of “Out of Bounds,” the crew breaks down the Bruins’ hot streak and what could lie ahead for them, while also discussing UCLA baseball’s seven-game winning streak to open the season and UCLA gymnastics’ loss to Utah in Pauley Pavilion on Sunday.

Sam Connon: Hi, my name is Sam Connon and this is “Out of Bounds.”

SC: My name is Sam Connon, I’m the Sports editor here at the Daily Bruin, and you’re listening to the “Out of Bounds” podcast, a Daily Bruin sports podcast. Today, I’m joined again by co-host Ryan Smith, Daily Bruin senior staffer, former Sports editor. Ryan, how you doing today?

Ryan Smith: Feeling good, how are you?

SC: I’m doing good. And then our guest today is assistant Sports editor Jared Tay. Jared, thanks for coming on.

Jared Tay: Yeah. Thanks, Sam, thanks for having me. Really excited to be here.

SC: Great, great. So, it’s mostly men’s basketball focused today. A big weekend last weekend, big weekend coming up. It’s definitely a really important part of the season. They got the Pac-12 road sweep against Utah and Colorado, it’s the first road sweep for Mick Cronin with UCLA, so that’ll be a big story. And then coming up the Arizona State game Thursday night and Arizona on Saturday. So we’ll be talking about those. And then UCLA baseball had another sweep this weekend to continue its winning streak to open the season. They’re playing again on Wednesday, but as far as we know, recording this on Tuesday, still undefeated. So we’ll talk about them. And then we’ll touch a little bit on UCLA gymnastics. They hosted Utah on Sunday. A little controversy, it was a bit of a shootout there. We’ll make sure to talk about that too. So, starting off with UCLA men’s basketball. They opened things up last week with a with a win over Utah, won by double digits. And then they follow that up with a win on Saturday against Colorado. So I don’t know, Ryan, what do you see out of this team this weekend especially start with the Utah game, I know you covered that one.

RS: Yeah, with the Utah game it was just a steady performance from start to finish. They never trailed in the game. And that’s a building they haven’t had success in in a while. And they went in and took care of business. Wasn’t their most impressive win of the weekend because of the Colorado game. But yeah, they went in, held steady against Utah, went into Colorado with the momentum. And then obviously they had the big comeback on Saturday afternoon in Boulder. What were they down? Ten midway through the second half there?

SC: Yeah, I think nine.

RS: Came roaring back, and they got the job done. So another huge weekend for them. They’ve got the big games against the Arizonas this weekend. Those are two schools that they’re gonna need to beat if they want to be the regular season Pac-12 winners but should be exciting here as we come down the final stretch of the season.

SC: Yeah, I think Jules Bernard definitely was probably the most important player in Utah. It’s been a while since you could say that about him. Not to say he’s regressed or anything this year, but he’s just kind of taken a backseat to some of the some of the freshmen – Jaime, Jake Kyman. So Bernard hasn’t really been a big scorer as of late. But I mean, he scored 16 points against Utah, led UCLA, 6-of-9 from the field, so he was efficient, he hit all his free throws. So that was definitely surprising. He played 33 minutes, which is also up there on the team, more than some of the guys he usually is behind. So that was good to see out of him. Jared, what did you think of the Utah game on Thursday?

JT: You know, I think for the past few games, I’ve been really impressed with the team’s ability, you know, especially on the defensive side. I think we saw with Wazzu, Washington and then continuing into the games last weekend, their ability to play sound defense, especially in the second half. You know, I know against Utah, they didn’t trail, but I feel like with the other games, they know that even if they’re down at the end of the half, they truly believe that if they come out in the second half and play solid defense, they do have, you know, a chance to come back and win. I think it’s one of the things that Cronin has been really preaching to them. It’s taken a while for that to kind of come to fruition this season. But I think definitely in the second half, their ability to come together as a unit, to gel together, to force turnovers is really a difference maker in this string of games that we’ve seen them play really well.

SC: Yeah, it was definitely an impressive weekend for sure. I mean, you had the win against Utah, Utah was 10 and one at home and that one loss was to Oregon who is, I mean, may not be No. 1 in the Pac-12 in the standings, but they’re probably the best team in the conference. And then UCLA came in and they won by double digits, so that was a surprise. And then Colorado, it was their Senior Day, I know that crowd was really loud. And then the second they started to slip up in the back half of that that first half, it looked like things were done, just because that crowd noise, because that atmosphere. But yeah, they somehow persevered and played even better in the second half. They had seven turnovers in the first half, which is maybe a little bit more than Mick Cronin would like, nothing crazy though. And they came back in the second half and did not turn the ball over once. I don’t know how that happened, it was definitely surprising. The whole game was really surprising. Yeah, it was, it was really interesting. So, Jared, I know you turned it on and things weren’t looking too hot. So how did that comeback kind of come to fruition from your point of view?

JT: No. I mean, it was awesome. Like, I was watching the game in my room on my laptop, and my roommates – who aren’t even sports fans – were getting real hyped about our comeback. When I started tuning in, I think it was at that point, maybe like 10 minutes to go in that first half when Colorado started to kind of pull away, go on a run, like you said, the crowd was getting loud. But again, I think the team’s ability to come out in the second half, regroup, hold their opponents to pretty low shooting percentages has been the difference maker. You know, I think it’s interesting, in the first half of the season, this team was almost like a first-half team. They would play decently well, they would hang together with their opponents throughout the first 20 minutes. And then in halftime, we would see that breakdown. It happened against USC when we saw them first time, Stanford when they played here at Pauley. But the last few string of games, I feel like it’s almost been the opposite. Hanging in with our opponents during the first half, even going into the first half trailing and then coming out in the second, looking very different.

SC: Yeah, I think I was definitely surprised by the comeback on Saturday. But part of what made it so surprising down the stretch is that UCLA shot 55% on free throws. And they’ve typically been a good free throw shooting team these past few weeks, which is how they’ve been able to win these close games and kind of, like, when they get these comeback wins and everything. But they didn’t have that against Colorado and they still won on the road without hitting free throws. So I don’t know, Ryan, what did you see in that Colorado game that kind of set this team apart, that made you think that maybe they do have a chance down the stretch here?

RS: First thing I want to say is, I was impressed by Jake Kyman actually in that game. He came in off the bench, the team was struggling a little bit in the first half, made back-to-back 3s, kind of kept them in the game in that first half. Because you know, they don’t score a lot, so they need that score to be, you know, decently close. And Kyman kept them in it and then in the second half, he stayed out there, made big shots. And he only played one minute against Utah on Thursday, so to come out and play 20 minutes, shoot 5-of-7, knock down the big shots, keep the team in it – that was huge. But to your question of what separates them right now, it’s just it’s got to be their defense. I mean, they clamp down when they need to. Against Utah, they didn’t give a 3-point basket until the midway point of the second half. And against Colorado, Colorado went about six minutes without a basket in the second half. So this team, when they need to get stops – and again, they don’t score a lot – so that defensive success that they’ve been having has really been key. And it’s going to be the reason they make it to the tournament if they do make it.

SC: Yeah, I think going back to Kyman, it was really interesting because he hit those two 3-pointers in the first half, and that kind of kept Colorado from pulling away before halftime. But the interesting thing is that he went 3-of-4 from 2 in the game, and he usually shoots most of his shots from 3. He didn’t have any 3s in the second half this time, but he hit his 2s, he was stepping in, he was hitting mid-range jumpers, so that was good to kind of see him add that to his repertoire cause, I mean, you knew you could always do it. Like if you can hit an open 3, you can hit an open mid-range. But it’s just given him that confidence to maybe like make that one move, like a dribble pull-up, and kind of like add a little bit more depth to his scoring. So that was really interesting.

RS: It was more, too. They’re physical, physical shots, you know, around the free throw line, coming out of the post, turnaround jumpers. I mean, they weren’t just, you know, dribble pull-ups off a pump fake for mid range. I mean, he was working for his buckets and they were impressive shots.

SC: Yeah, so, two very impressive wins for UCLA over the weekend against Utah and then-No. 18, Colorado. That’s a lot of wins over ranked teams these last few weeks. And then coming up, they aren’t ranked teams, but games against Arizona State on Thursday and Arizona on Saturday. I mean, Arizona was ranked last week. And I think they are the first and third teams just out of the rankings in the “Received Votes” part of the AP Poll. So they’re two very good teams, coming to Pauley Pavilion, stakes are high, all three teams are fighting for a bye in the Pac-12 tournament. I just want to say that we have our basketball insert, that’ll be going in print on Friday. So if you’re on campus, look for that, for the game or just walking around on campus, that’ll be out, our special issue. That’ll have a special game preview, special print-edition articles. And yeah, keep an eye out for that. One of the things that will be in there is a feature on Jaime Jaquez Jr. and Jared, you’re writing that. Do you have any updates there? How things are going on that? Just basically any thoughts you want people to know before that comes out?

JT: Yeah, I mean, we’re recording this on a Tuesday morning. And I think the deadline for our articles are tomorrow night. So truth be told, it’s not completely done. I’ve got about a third of the way through it. But no, it was really cool. I interviewed Jaime last week. And I think we sat down and we wanted this to be about going into like his cultural heritage. Jaime is a Mexican American, his dad is a Mexican American, he still has family that lives in Mexico. And, you know, it’s one of those things where I think, especially on the collegiate basketball stage, you just, we just don’t see a lot of Latino basketball players. And so we wanted to kind of explore that with him. He’s a local kid, he went to high school, I think, like 50 miles from here. And so, here at UCLA, obviously in Southern California, there’s a large Hispanic community here. And with not as much representation as perhaps we’d like there to be, you know, I talked to Jaime about what it means to represent almost an entire culture here on one of the biggest stages, you know, at UCLA. I will say, I think in high school, there have been other outlets that have kind of explored this theme with him what it means to be a Mexican American basketball player at that time. Last summer, he went to Peru to the Pan-Am Games and he played with Team Mexico there, and so I know he got a lot of Mexican press coverage. And he always says they asked him about what it’s like playing basketball in the U.S., which is cool. So I think, at least from this feature, we’re not going to learn anything, perhaps like, groundbreaking we knew about his life story. I mean, he’s still Jaime and unfortunately, his life hasn’t changed very much over the past two years. But I do think you’ll learn about what family means to Jaime. And I think that’s what I’m trying to center the feature around. Obviously, family is a big thing in Hispanic culture, and not to stereotype, I mean, I think it is in a lot of cultures, it is in mine, and I’m sure it is in yours, Sam. But almost like what that means to him and how that has driven his life on and off the court. You know, whether it’s his immediate family, that are all basketball players and what they’ve imparted to him, or playing with Team Mexico and representing almost his broader cultural family on a big stage. So I think, you know, those are the themes that I hope the feature explores, and, you know, a third of the way through, it’s been tough, but it’s definitely really fun.

SC: Yeah, definitely looking forward to reading that. Anyone who’s listening, make sure you read that when that comes out on Friday too. But before we have that special issue come out there is the game against Arizona State, who UCLA lost to last time. So that that game will be late on Thursday. Ryan and I will be there covering that. And then the Arizona game on Saturday. I mean, I honestly expect Pauley Pavilion to be sold out or near sold out for both of these games. I think if the Bruins beat Arizona State on Thursday, you’ll see a completely packed house on Saturday against Arizona. So Ryan, what are you looking forward to most this weekend from both these games really?

RS: Well, the thing I’m most excited to see, this will be my last men’s basketball homestand in my time at UCLA, so I’m really excited to see the crowd back into it. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Pauley Pavilion, you know, full and rowdy during these games. So I’m really hoping we get to see that. But in terms of what’s on the floor, I just want to see what we’ve been seeing. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching what this team has been able to do the last few weeks. And if they can do it again, there’s no reason the success won’t continue. And I hope we get to see that again this weekend.

SC: Yeah, I think both games are gonna be really interesting. I think even though UCLA lost Arizona State last time, they probably have the leg up this time around. I know Arizona State’s been playing well, but at the same time, you look at the ESPN BPI predictions have UCLA as a slight favorite, just barely. That’s been moving back and forth over the last few days, few weeks. So that’ll be tight, but I think UCLA could pull it out. And Arizona, I know is the more talented team. They’ve been in and out of rankings, like, seven, eight weeks in a row. Just either they’re in the 20s and then they’re not ranked, they’re in the 20s, not ranked. It’s a lot of back and forth for them. Everyone knows they’re really talented. Also for this special issue, I talked to the Daily Wildcat Sports editor Jack Cooper. And I was talking with him yesterday and he just said that the ceiling for this team was a Final Four team. They may be a top-five, top-10 team in the country when it comes to talent. But then at the same time, though, they let people that shouldn’t win – like UCLA – win on their home floor and just not defend home court, and have these big freshman moments where they kind of have these lapses late in games. They’ve lost a lot of close games, but a lot of those are because of late shooting streaks when the game’s pretty much in garbage time. So they are a talented team, but even from the inside, they know that they’re a streaky team. UCLA beat them at Pauley last year. UCLA won earlier this year, I think the chances for defending its own court this weekend and getting the sweep at home are pretty solid. UCLA needs that sweep if it wants to go to the Pac-12 tournament with a bye and avoid Oregon until the finals. So it’s definitely going to be interesting seeing that coming up.

RS: And I think with this weekend, you kind of have to throw the results from the Arizona road trip, sort of out the window. Just because with Arizona State, I mean, they were shooting the lights out of the ball in that first meeting, and you just you can’t expect them to shoot, you know, 14-of-24 from beyond the arc again. So I would expect that game to be much closer than the 18-point loss we saw a few weeks back. And then with Arizona, I mean holding them to 52 points, you know, on the road. I mean, I don’t see UCLA holding them to 52 points again. That’s probably not going to happen, but you know, they held Nico Mannion to five points in 36 minutes that first meeting. So you just have to expect this is going to be a closer game, especially with everything on the line, it’s an ESPN game, the crowd should be into it. So I would look out for two pretty close games this weekend.

SC: Yeah, I think, I know that Arizona shooting in that game, that was their worst shooting performance in the history of the McKale Center. Yeah, that was definitely really rough for them. So I don’t know, Jared, what do you take from those games? I know Ryan saying they should throw the results out, but what did you take away from those games earlier in the season that maybe we could bring into this this weekend?

JT: No, I mean, I totally agree with Ryan. Holding the Wildcats to 25% shooting at the McKale Center, you know, is wild. I think, I don’t think that you can chalk it up to our improved defense. I think some of that definitely has to be missed shots and it’s one of those nights where things just don’t go down for you. So I definitely think when they’re here at Pauley, it’s going to be a lot closer.

SC: Yeah, I do think, I mean, you don’t want to put too much weight in it, but if they struggle like that at home, my thought process is, “Well, what’s going to happen on the road?” I mean, not that it can really get worse, but I mean, it’s hard to lose at home and then expect you can go and beat a team on the road, a conference rival like that. So it’s pretty simple to say that Arizona is the more talented team, but UCLA is insanely hot right now. I know Arizona is too, but they’re definitely a streaky team at times. So, I mean, we’ll see what happens on that front. And then, yeah, Pac-12 tournament coming up, about two weeks away. We’re sorting out our plans for that, and it’ll definitely be an interesting trip to Vegas for whoever goes, including UCLA men’s basketball, that’ll definitely be an interesting trip for them to see if they can actually put a cap on this hot end to the season, maybe make a run to March Madness. So that’s about it for UCLA men’s basketball, and then switching over to UCLA baseball, they had another sweep this weekend, they ended things with a shutout on Sunday. So, Jared, I know you were there on Friday and you were following the games this weekend. What were your big takeaways from baseball this week?

JT: Well, let me just say that I’m impressed with this team. And I guess they haven’t faced per se the toughest opponents yet this season. It was UC Riverside in the first weekend series, and then we’re just off the series against Saint Mary’s. I remember last week on the podcast, Jacqueline brought up those New Year’s predictions that us editors did, and mine was about how baseball was not going to be nearly the same team that it was last year. All those departure players – and Sam, you were the editor for baseball last year – I think all three guys of our weekend rotation we lost to the draft: Ryan Garcia, Jack Ralston and who was the Sunday guy?

SC: I think, so Pettway was the, he was the Friday or Saturday guy, depending on injuries. But I mean, he missed the end of last year, so he wasn’t really around. It was kind of a by-committee kind of thing because Nastrini was hurt too. So, yeah, the rotation’s definitely really different this year.

JT: Yeah, and a lot of the bats in the heart of the lineup are gone too.

SC: Yeah, especially.

JT: Michael Toglia, Chase Strumpf, Ryan Kreidler, they’re all gone. And so the team looks completely different this year. You know, but I’ve been impressed in the way that they’ve been able to string wins together. You know, there have been games where the bats have been hot and scoring 8-plus runs. But I think what’s really stood out to me is the pitching staff. Pettway on Friday night had 13, 14 strikeouts, I can’t remember, I think it was 13 strikeouts. And so clearly back from injury, he looks really, really good, and he seems to be the Bruins’ Friday night guy going forward. And on the other hand, the bullpen has been outstanding. You know, in each of our games, our starter has gone, you know, five, six innings, and I think Savage has been really comfortable giving the ball over to the bullpen to finish out the game. I think through the second and third game of UC Riverside, and then our midweek game against LMU last Tuesday, the bullpen held our opponent scoreless through those three games. So really, really impressive with the way that they’ve been able to come into the game, shut things down. I think the team really believes that if they have maybe one or two strong innings where they can string hits together, get on the scoreboard, their starter goes five, six innings, you could turn it over to the bullpen and they have a really good shot at winning. So yeah, really impressed with this team so far.

SC: Yeah, I remember the first few games last year was also really, really big for the for the pitching staff. For last year’s team, you went through and you looked at the freshmen were playing great, the starters were playing great, the bullpen was holding people scoreless through a handful games. It was definitely really interesting to see, it was, like, one of the best streaks of ERA over the course of five, six, seven games to start a season last year. And I think you’re seeing a lot of the same this year even though there are a bunch of new faces. So, Ryan, you were there Friday. What do you, what are your big takeaways from this team so far?

RS: Oh, yeah, just to piggyback on what Jared said, I mean, I sat down, looked up at the Jumbotron at the lineup and, I mean, it was night and day from, I mean, last year’s team and the years past. So again, impressed with the pitching. I think they’ve only given up five runs so far in seven games total, so they’re doing well in that department right now. Hope the offensive come around. I think they look good defensively, the outfield covers a lot of ground still, despite McLain coming into the infield. I think they’re just they’re solid right now. We’ll see how things go when the better competition rolls in. But definitely so far, so good on the UCLA baseball front.

SC: Yeah, definitely that lineup is completely overhauled. I mean to no fault to anyone really, you had 13 guys go to the draft last year, so you’re kind of thinned out on that front. But, I mean, your best hitter right now has started all seven games, leads with 13 hits, hitting .464 – JT Schwartz, who did not play last year. So it’s definitely interesting, because in the past on last year’s team is mostly juniors and everything, so definitely a big shift from there. But just the two years before that, in 2017, when you had Chase Strumpf and Michael Toglia in their freshman years, they were, like, hot prospects, they were big guys that everyone knew, they were big names. And then their sophomore year and then by their junior year, they were kind of household names in the conference, in the country. They were first, second, third round picks in the MLB Draft who had to leave early. But now you have guys like JT Schwartz. You have guys like Jake Moberg, Kyle Cuellar, who aren’t these big names but are still getting really good production for you, so I think that’s really interesting to see. The power isn’t really there for this team yet, it’s five home runs so far. I know last year, power was pretty big because you had Jake Pries, you had Strumpf, you had Toglia. And those guys just could knock the cover off the ball. And these guys maybe aren’t doing that yet. You had two home runs from McLain over the opening weekend, and then you have two more from Michael Curialle and then one from Pat Caulfield, but other than that, you don’t really have a ton of power hitters. So it’ll be interesting to see how Savage kind of takes this hitting for contact lineup and adjusts it so it can hit for power in the future. I know coach Ward’s the hitting coach there. He’s done a great job just ever since I’ve been here, really getting the fundamentals down with these guys. So I think he’ll do the same this year. I don’t know if there’s as much raw talent as there has been in the past, but there’s definitely stuff to work with for the team. So that’ll be really interesting to see how it goes down the stretch. You know, we’re really only in the early days of the season, but it’s easy to look forward to things for this team. Yeah, and then we got UCLA gymnastics, who they competed on Sunday against Utah. Both teams, top five in the country, it was a highly anticipated matchup. It’s pretty much widely accepted as the two best teams in the Pac-12. And UCLA broke the 198-point mark and lost by .050, which was really interesting. I know there’s some controversy with the judges, coach Chris Waller was kind of drawn with them, some disagreements on that front. And then, I mean, Kyla Ross won in all-around, she was just as good as she always is, it’s kind of insane at this point. But then you had Grace Glenn, who led off beam with a perfect 10, that’s the first time that’s ever happened in NCAA history. So, Jared, I know you were following gymnastics this weekend. What do you kind of take away from that, like any conspiracy theories or I know one of the other assistant Sports editors, Coral Smith, she’s kind of been on a tear this week, kind of ready to break down the judging system. So I don’t know Jared, what takeaways you got on that front?

JT: No, you’re right. I don’t think I want to comment on conspiracy theories. I think, you know, my background in gymnastics scoring is highly minimal. I really don’t know how it works. But you know, like you said, one of the assistant Sports editors here at DB, Coral Smith, is going to have a column coming out tomorrow, basically about how there were discrepancies between judges for our routines between, like, the two judges. So I think, like, one judge would give, you know, somewhere in like the 9.9s. And then the second one would give closer to like the 9.7s. And, you know, I’m hearing that that is a massive jump, and it’s really uncommon, you know, for that to happen. There has to be something fundamentally different in the routines to see that sort of drop-off between the two judges. You know, like you said, I think still it was an impressive meet for the Bruins, and as a team they posted seven season-high scores and six career-high scores, which is still really good. And then I was talking, you know, in the office yesterday with Coral and the Editor in Chief, Angie Forburger, who was the editor for gymnastics last year. And I think while it’s really, while it’s still important to be winning these dual meets. Angie said that it’s still more of the overall score that matters, and so I think breaking that 198 barrier is a big positive for the team to be taking out of this. You know, it’s obviously unfortunate that they didn’t get that head-to-head win, and it just makes you know, when we see them again in Pac-12s, for us to win over them makes that even more important. But I do think the really high score is still something very, very positive to be taken away from this meet.

SC: Yeah, that’s the thing about gymnastics really is that – it’s nothing against the sport – but it’s one of those sports that it doesn’t really matter who you’re going up against, like you’re not affected by your competition, you’re not typically, like, changing your game plan. You kind of have, you just, it’s more inward, you focus on yourself and design your own routines and what their max scores are and how you’re going to do those. I mean, maybe it changes if you’re home or away, just crowd noise and pressure. But really, I mean, breaking that 198 mark is huge. They only did it a handful of times last year, not really until later in the season, maybe around this time. So I’m surprised to see they’re kind of on the same trajectory on that front, in terms of scoring. The concern is that Utah’s gotten better over the course of the last year. So, I mean, it’s interesting to see this team hitting their ceiling maybe, or at least, like, fulfilling their potential. But yeah, they really have a lot of talented gymnasts on that team. It’ll be fun to watch over the next few weeks coming up, Pac-12s in March. Yeah, so that’ll be just about it for this week’s show. I don’t know, Ryan, you got anything else this week?

RS: Sure, no promotion here, but I mean, if you’re a student listening to this podcast, if this gets out before Saturday’s game, make sure you’re out there in Pauley for that UCLA-Arizona game, make sure that building’s full. It’s going to be a great atmosphere, ESPN game. Looking forward to seeing that building packed.

SC: And, Jared, how about you?

JT: I know, I like you said, I’m really excited about the insert that we have going for these two Arizona games. There’s a lot of people here at DB that work really hard to put that together. You know, not just us – the writers who are producing the content – but all the people in multimedia, whether it be the people who are designing the page, the illustrators who are drafting up artwork, the photographers who, you know, are taking beautiful photo shoots of Jaime for the feature. You know, all of those people at DB really put their heart and soul into these inserts. So you know, like Sam said, if you’re on campus Friday morning or even if you’re online on, you know, definitely take a look at it, we really appreciate, you know, the support and we really have a lot of fun putting these things together for you guys.

SC: So yeah, I would say definitely these inserts that we do in the Sports section are kind of our calling card, or like, it’s what everything builds up, we do a couple every quarter. They’re definitely really fun to produce, big collaborative effort within the Sports section and, Jared, like you were saying, with Copy, with Photo, Illustrations, Design and like a lot of work goes into it. It’s fun to see it turn into what it does, because the product is almost always, like, perfect. And I just love seeing it in print, I love seeing it online, we get a lot of good stuff out there. So yeah, that’ll be on newsstands on Friday. If you’re here for the Arizona game on Saturday, they’ll still be there unless they’re all taken by then. But yeah, definitely make sure to grab those, we got a lot of talented people working on them. And yeah, looking forward to how that turns out. Other than that, that’ll be it for this week’s episode of “Out of Bounds.” Ryan, Jared, thanks for coming on, guys.

RS: Yep.

JT: Thanks, Sam.

SC: Yeah, thanks again to you guys for coming, to Omar Said, the podcast editor at the Daily Bruin for producing this and for editing this week’s episode again, big shoutout to him. And yeah, that’ll be it. Thanks for listening, come back next week and yeah, see you later.

SC: This week’s episode of “Out of Bounds” has been hosted by me, Sam Connon, and Ryan Smith. A special thanks to our guest Jared Tay, assistant Sports editor. And we were produced and edited this week by Omar Said and fact-checked by Slot editor Zoe Willoughby. “Out of Bounds” is a Daily Bruin Sports podcasting production.

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Sam Connon | Alumnus
Connon joined the Bruin as a freshman in 2017 and contributed until he graduated in 2021. He was the Sports editor for the 2019-2020 academic year, an assistant Sports editor for the 2018-2019 academic year and spent time on the football, men's basketball, women's basketball, baseball, men's soccer, cross country, men's golf and women's golf beats, while also contributing movie reviews for Arts & Entertainment.
Connon joined the Bruin as a freshman in 2017 and contributed until he graduated in 2021. He was the Sports editor for the 2019-2020 academic year, an assistant Sports editor for the 2018-2019 academic year and spent time on the football, men's basketball, women's basketball, baseball, men's soccer, cross country, men's golf and women's golf beats, while also contributing movie reviews for Arts & Entertainment.
Ryan Smith | Alumnus
Smith joined the Bruin as a freshman in 2016 and contributed until he graduated in 2020. He was the Sports editor for the 2018-2019 academic year, an assistant Sports editor for the 2017-2018 academic year and spent time on the football, men's basketball, women's basketball, men's water polo, baseball, men's golf and women's golf beats.
Smith joined the Bruin as a freshman in 2016 and contributed until he graduated in 2020. He was the Sports editor for the 2018-2019 academic year, an assistant Sports editor for the 2017-2018 academic year and spent time on the football, men's basketball, women's basketball, men's water polo, baseball, men's golf and women's golf beats.
Jared Tay | Sports senior staff
Tay is currently a Sports senior staff writer on the men's basketball beat. He was previously an assistant Sports editor for the baseball, men's soccer, men's tennis, cross country and women's tennis beats. Tay was previously a contributor on the men's tennis beat.
Tay is currently a Sports senior staff writer on the men's basketball beat. He was previously an assistant Sports editor for the baseball, men's soccer, men's tennis, cross country and women's tennis beats. Tay was previously a contributor on the men's tennis beat.
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