Saturday, January 25

New dessert shop dipnmix whips up European-inspired waffles, crepes in Westwood

Dipnmix, located on Gayley Avenue, serves Belgian, French and Lebanese style dessert items, such as crepes and waffles. (Ashley Kenney/Daily Bruin)

A new dessert shop in Westwood is serving waffles, crepes and ice cream.

Dipnmix opened on Gayley Avenue, just south of In-N-Out Burger, on Aug. 1. The restaurant is influenced by Belgian, French and Lebanese style crepes, said Elie Choueiry, the founder and owner of dipnmix.

Choueiry said he wanted to open a dessert shop because of his fond memories of the waffle kiosks near the universities he attended in France and Lebanon.

Paul Daccache, the manager of dipnmix, said they decided to open a shop in Westwood to cater to UCLA students. He said he wanted dipnmix to be a part of UCLA students’ college experience, and create a stronger brand as a result.

Dipnmix differs from other waffle shops in the type of waffle served, Choueiry said. American waffle shops typically sell “la gaufre de Bruxelles,” a type of waffles made with more watery dough. Dipnmix sells “la gaufre de Liège,” which tastes more caramelized and takes about eight hours to make.

“Americans don’t know about crepes and waffles,” Choueiry said. “The taste is very different.”

In addition, dipnmix makes the dough in house instead of buying it elsewhere, Choueiry said.

“We make the dough here, so everything is fresh,” he said.

In addition to making waffles and crepes, dipnmix also plans to serve other sweets such as the Lebanese fruit cocktail, which is a fruit medley topped with curdled cream. Dipnmix will offer breakfast items in the morning once it finishes creating the menu.

Dipnmix is the second crepe shop in Westwood, joining Mon Amour Cafe, located across from Diddy Riese.

Tia Tomescu, a third-year neuroscience student, said she thinks dipnmix would be a good addition to Westwood.

“Students usually go further to Sawtelle or Santa Monica for desserts,” she said. “It is more convenient to have more dessert options close to us in Westwood.”

Westwood is dipnmix’s first location, but Daccache has plans to expand to new locations in Culver City in the future.

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