Friday, February 28

Students voice concerns about bathroom policy, security camera monitoring

Students and faculty expressed their questions and concerns about Policies 133 and 890, regarding security camera guidelines and gender-inclusive facilities, respectively. They discussed drafts with administrators at a town hall Tuesday. (Daanish Bhatti/Daily Bruin)

Correction: The original version of this article misidentified Chelsea Dyapa.

This post was updated on June 3 at 11:46 a.m.

Students voiced their questions and concerns about two new campus policy drafts regarding monitoring security cameras on campus and gender inclusive facilities at a town hall Tuesday.

UCLA Policy 890, Gender Inclusive Facilities, outlines new requirements for gender inclusive facilities on campus. Policy 133, Security Camera Systems, seeks to create a centralized database of recorded images and establish guidelines for the removal of cameras that are not compliant with the new policy. Both policies drafts were posted in late May for student review.

Students at the town hall said they think Policy 890 should be further revised to address potentially discriminatory language.

Policy 890 will require all new campus buildings to have at least one multi-stall gender-inclusive bathroom within the building or at least two bathrooms within a 2-minute walk. Buildings that do not have a gender-inclusive bathroom have the option to renovate their restroom to comply with the policy.

Chelsea Dyapa, a third-year philosophy student, said they thought the policy was discriminatory because it could potentially be too costly to implement, limiting the number of gender-inclusive facilities campuswide. Dyapa added they think the policy should go further to increase facility accessibility to LGBTQ and nonbinary people on campus.

“Specifically the floor-to-ceiling dividers for all-gender restrooms, they want them to be much … longer than for men’s and women’s restroom, and we take this as a sign of transphobia because … this basically comes out of a want for privacy and an all-gender restroom, and that want for privacy comes from a fear of trans and nonbinary people,” Dyapa said.

Robert Gamboa, chair of the UCLA committee on LGBTQ affairs and graduate student in the school of public affairs, said while administrators have been supportive of the LGBTQ community in drafting Policy 890, he thinks it still needs further revisions to become more financially feasible. Gamboa said the height requirements for the bathroom stall partitions could inhibit renovations for multistall gender inclusive restrooms by driving costs up.

“Let’s put a policy … in place that’s equitable, but it’s not cost prohibitive, and it’s not transphobic or homophobic in any way,” Gamboa said.

Assistant Vice Chancellor Kelly Schmader said he is glad to receive input from students at the town hall in regard to Policy 890 because he learned about concerns regarding the policy that he had not considered.

“I was surprised to learn that there’s concern about the floor-to-ceiling partitions, which I thought would be something that would be well received, and unfortunately, are being interpreted as being discriminatory,” Schmader said. “(But) that’s the beauty of having a 30-day review period, and having students like ours who are willing to come out and voice their concerns.”

Students also voiced their concerns about potential racial profiling via security camera monitoring in regard to Policy 133, which students and faculty had previously addressed in a town hall in September.

Eduardo Velasquez, Undergraduate Students Association Council general representative, said he thinks some of the language in the policy, especially regarding live camera monitoring, may be too open to interpretation to effectively protect against racial profiling.

Administrative Vice Chancellor Michael Beck said the policy should not lead to racial profiling because it only permits live camera monitoring under specific parameters.

“One of the parameters is that you actually can only be monitoring behaviors and not specific identities,” Beck said.

There are currently 2,500 cameras on campus that are not regulated by a single policy, said Beck. He also said the policy aims to unify regulations on campus security cameras and remove those that do not comply.

Salvador Martinez, a third-year applied mathematics student who helped organize the town hall, said he thinks administrators adequately dealt with student concerns and added he was glad several students attended the town hall even though it was held late in the quarter.

Schmader said he was impressed by the number of students who attended the town hall during week nine and said he commended Beck for making the policy review process more accessible to students.

“Anytime we’re dealing with a policy that has student concerns, then we’re going to have these kind of forums where (students) can express themselves in person, that never was here before,” Schmader said. “I commend him for that, it takes more work from people like me on the staff, but it makes it all worthwhile.”

The review periods for policies 890 and 133 ends June 20, after which administrators will take student input into account and propose more revisions.

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  • Sophie Jameson

    “…this basically comes out of a want for privacy and an all-gender restroom, and that want for privacy comes from a fear of trans and nonbinary people.”

    No. It comes from a totally realistic desire to reduce opportunities for predatory males, however those males might identify.

    The UCLA students are perhaps so privileged that they aren’t aware of the behaviour of males in unisex facilities. Here in the UK the overwhelming majority of assaults on women and girls are in the few facilities that are mixed sex.

    And what have these kids got against privacy, FFS? They’re going to be so embarrassed when they grow up.

    • Tim_Beee

      The sad part is, the campus feminists moaning about “rape culture” from the safest places on the planet are doing everything they can to import the world’s actual gang rape cultures.

      Imagine their shock when the cultural traditions of India/Pakistan, the Middle East, and Central America are unleashed on them…

      • Ribb Rotgut

        This dumpster fire of “Intersectionality”/”social justice”/”wokeness”/white masochism/cultural relativism/cultural Marxism/postmodernism is the greatest existential threat to Western Civilization.

        I used to think fundamentalist Christianity was. It’s still crap on a cracker but nowhere near as dangerous as this hot garbage.

        • Jane

          Agree 150%. Thanks for speaking out. We all need to.

    • m1shu

      Simple. Ban all cis males from the university. It’s only way to be inclusive.

  • Brian Hull

    These people are morons. Toronto U had to reverse its all gender bathroom policy precisely because men were photographing women with their phones over the stall doors and shower dividers.

    It’s not transphobic to protect female privacy.

    • he_who_scoffs_at_danger

      So what if it is, though? You’re supposed to reject nonsense. There’s no shame whatsoever in striking a transphobic posture.

    • Tim_Beee

      Which men? It certainly wasn’t Canadians. Same story as the sudden spike in “Swedish” rape after centuries where the country had virtually none.

  • Whimzy

    Unisex restrooms cause women to be treated as maids, as the guys pee all over the floor, the rim and the seats.

  • Emma Campbell

    I am transgender and not even I can bring myself to figure out how this is in anyway “transphobic”.

  • he_who_scoffs_at_danger

    This will piss Jonathan Yaniv right off. How’s he supposed to see the string?

  • Alawon.B

    If they won’t be making the unisex bathrooms safe then let the predators have em. Women and men will probably just use the men’s and women’s single-sex facilities

  • Tim_Beee

    We welcome the third world here, feed and shelter them, and in return get nonstop demands and hatred.

    The most tolerant and productive civilization in history is having their generosity used as a weapon against them. How long will it last?

    • Ribb Rotgut

      Until liberal women come to their senses and stop drinking the woke koolaid.

  • Ribb Rotgut

    Congratulations woke transactivists, you are successfully steadily whittling down all my support for your cause, which used to be at 100%.

    It’s less than half that now.

    • Jane

      I agree that we need to have support and compassion for those who have gender dysphoria. But what is happening is not healthy for anyone. There needs to be more research and money put into assisting people to deal with their dysphoria or to help diminish it so people can live in their own bodies without becoming lifelong hormone patients. What they don’t say is that is often doesn’t work. But you are right, it has gone way off course. Transitioning children is child abuse, women are being erased and schools are promoting ROGD (Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria) just for starters. There needs to be a big reset but saying any of this will find you hunted down by trans-activists. The media are silent. Here is the latest erasure of women.

      • Sandra M. Russel

        Billionaires are NOT going to fund more research and money assisting people dealing their dysphoria. Billionaires want to create a transhumanism bonanza for their Medical Cartel investments in sex reassignments, drugs, hormones and body modifications. They are selling gender and children are being recruited to buy into a sexless, medicalized lifestyle.

  • Jane

    Why is there so much attention being paid to the rights of 0.03 percent of the population when 15% of the world have physical handicaps? When was the last time you heard anything about other people who have real issues around bathrooms. This nonsense has got to stop. They have become cult-like and they are very disliked but the gov’t and left wing media are forcing people to be silent. Real people are being severly damaged but this.

  • George Leonard

    Pathetic. Today’s students are so very confused and this article exposes that quite clearly. This is sad.

  • peakchoicedotorg

    hope those claiming that people can be “non binary” are not taking biology classes