Tuesday, January 21

No Offense, But: Bruin bears and block parties

“No Offense, But” is back in your podcast feeds for the new year! Join Opinion editor Keshav Tadimeti, assistant Opinion editor Omar Said, and Opinion columnists Abhishek Shetty and Reilly Berberian as they talk about teenagers being charged with felonies for vandalizing the Bruin Bear. After a quick break, they give the rundown about the latest in Westwood drama: Roebling Avenue block party 2.0.

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Senior staff columnist

Tadimeti was the Daily Bruin's Opinion editor from 2017-2019 and an assistant Opinion editor in the 2016-2017 school year. He tends to write about issues pertaining to the higher education, state politics and the administration, and blogs occasionally about computer science. Tadimeti was also the executive producer of the "No Offense, But" and "In the Know" Daily Bruin Opinion podcasts.

Opinion staff columnist

Shetty is a senior staffer in the Opinion section and a staff representative on the Daily Bruin Editorial Board. He was an assistant Opinion editor in the 2017-2018 school year and previously contributed as an opinion columnist. He writes about topics including the undergraduate student government and the UCLA administration.


Senior staff columnist

Said was an assistant Opinion editor from 2018-2019. He previously contributed as an opinion columnist for the section and writes about issues surrounding diversity and student life. He also manages the Daily Bruin's various podcasts.

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  • Meowntown

    I live on this street and am extremely opposed to the new “tradition” of the Roebling block party. I called the police maybe an hour after it started because the music was so loud that it was like someone had set up speakers inside my room. After I called, I learned that several other people had already called in and the police were outside. My guess is that the police showed up in riot gear because the partiers refused to leave the area after being asked to several times over a span of two hours and then started throwing stuff at the police (at least this is what I saw from my window). The day after, I personally had to clean up vomit, broken glass, random trash, and repair damage to my building because of this incident. The partiers did not clean up the mess after they left. If people want to have a block party, please don’t do it on this street. There are lots of UCLA grad students, nurses, doctors, professors, admins, and other people who live in the buildings along this street, not just undergrads who want to party.