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Students protest Trump victory early Wednesday morning

Hundreds of students protested Donald Trump's election victory early Wednesday morning. (Mackenzie Possee/Assistant Photo editor)

Correction: The original version of this article used incorrect pronouns to refer to Jesse Teso.

This post was updated Nov. 9 at 2:53 a.m.

A large student protest erupted on campus after Donald Trump was elected president early Wednesday morning.

Hundreds of students marched down Bruin Walk from the Hill and campus before heading to Westwood Village. At least 1,000 more students joined by the time the crowd reached Westwood Boulevard.

Protesters chanted “Fuck Donald Trump,” “Fuck the wall” and “Not my president.”

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Students began tearing apart and burning a Donald Trump pinata, and some students tried to flip over a car. The students stopped after noticing a man inside the car. Other students played guitar and held a Mexican flag.

Jesse Teso, a first-year Spanish and mathematics student said he was in the lounge of his building when he heard people yelling outside.

“A few people were saying, ‘Fuck Donald Trump,’ with rumors about something happening at Royce Hall,” Teso said.

Simon Hirschfield, first year pre-med student, said nobody thought Trump would get elected.

“Nobody would accept a bigot to lead the greatest country in the world,” he added.

(Jintak Han/Assistant photo editor)
(Jintak Han/Assistant photo editor)

Cynthia Barrales, a first-year linguistics student, said she and other protesters were angry about the result.

“We’re pissed,” Barrales said. “It feels like we’re cheated somehow. He’s a horrible person that doesn’t deserve this title.”

Melissa Tapia, a first-year political science student, said she did not feel like crying after the race was called.

“I was mad,” Tapia said. “I just went out to see what was out there.”

Tapia added that although Trump was elected president, she would not recognize him or support him.

University of California police officers followed protesters on foot and in police cars around campus, but Los Angeles police and fire officials intervened when the group reached Wilshire Boulevard and Veteran Avenue.

On Wilshire Boulevard, students briefly blocked traffic as cars honked, some in support of protesters. Many students held their fists in the air as they ran or walked through the street.

One of the students leading the protest said nobody will accept the results of the election. After marching to Wilshire Boulevard, hundreds of protesters walked to the Janss Investment Company Building, where they did an 8-clap before sitting for about 10 minutes.

Students then marched back to campus and to the Hill at around 1:30 a.m. Some students dispersed, and others continued to chant.

Similar protests emerged in other areas across the state, including UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, UC Irvine, the University of Southern California and downtown Los Angeles, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Nobody was arrested, and no violence was reported as of 1 a.m.

Contributing reports from Alejandra Reyes, Madeleine Pauker, Emi Nakahara, Sharon Zhen, Daniel Marracini, Yiling Liu and Raevyn Walker, Daily Bruin staff.

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  • Kyla Worrell

    CORRECTION: Jesse Teso goes by he/him and they/them pronouns. It should be procedure to get the pronouns of people you interview; I was misgendered by Daily Bruin staff interviewing people today as well.

    • alwaysamicus

      Misgendered? Did you recover safely? I hope your professors excused you from exams for a week or two. Do you need to withdraw for the semester? I hope you have a large support network.

      • Kyla Worrell

        Hi alwaysamicus,
        I don’t understand your comment. Is this how you would react if you were misgendered?

  • peepsqueek

    You should be happy on some level, as Trump destroyed sixteen respected Republicans in the primaries, and now he has taken out the 30 year old Clinton Machine. Whether we like him or not, he has kicked the asss of the establishment that most Americans have issues with. If he cannot fix anything, he will be gone in four years. In the mean time, hope for the best, and do not wish for everything go wrong, just so that you can say– I told you so.

    • joe

      Trump is the establishment……..

      • peepsqueek

        Actually, most of his votes came from those who do not feel the establishment represents them.

      • RecklessProcess

        Wrong Joe. The establishment are all #NeverTrump of democrats. Trump is absolutely anti-establishment.

  • Drew

    The next time people want to condemn the riots by #BlackLivesMatter protests, think about this. The rage, disappointment, and anger from this election is the reality that has caused many riots in our history. People have reasons to do these things. Now, looking forward, what to do next for progress….

    • Dre_loves_Trump

      fyi – the riots began years ago under Obama’s watch. Don’t blame that on the election.

  • lily1217

    “Not my President” , I’ve been saying the same thing for 8 yrs. Welcome to my world.

  • LiberalsAreSensitiveBeings

    Beautiful display of liberal tolerance!

  • Evelyndr

    Such foolish behavior. It is high time people learned to listen to each other again. Listen for understanding. There are other ideas out there. Learn what they are and why people hold them.

  • Carlos Sotelo

    Oh please, grow up.

  • TW

    “The Smug Style in American Liberalism”

  • TW

    This is what happens when universities coddle students and “protect them” from ideas different than their own by silencing alternative viewpoints, rather than promoting a free exchange of ideas.

    • alwaysamicus

      Exactly. They can’t handle any contrary opinion. They actually voted expecting everyone they voted for to win because, well, the contrary is an “aggression” that intrudes into their “safe space.” God help us.

    • RobietheCat

      As an alumnus I am ashamed of this new generation of snowflake Bruins.

      Hard to imagine them in the Free Speech movement

      Can’t imagine them standing up to the injustice during the Civil Rights movement.

      Can’t imagine them struggling through the Vietnam War.

      They need to grow up.

      If they really want to allow illegal aliens to attend UCLA, great carve out funding using their own funds. Put your money where your mouth is. Dont’ expect others to pay for your ‘altruism.’

  • RecklessProcess

    Nasty little Eichmans who are disappointed they were unable to continue to force their progressive totalitarianism down our throats stomp their widdle feet.

  • Realism

    Seriously? How are students from UCLA in any position to protest the election results with your f-bombs and idiotic chants? If I understand the general persona and standing of the typical American college student (and I think I do), most of you contribute nothing to our society, and now you feel you’re in a position to reject and scorn the choice of those who do? Grow up and get back to class. Most of you have no clue as to what makes our country great, and what threatens it most.

    Did not vote for Trump

    • RobietheCat

      They need to grow up and become worthwhile members of society.

      They better hope Trump turns this country around and they are able to get jobs and start paying taxes.

      Either that, or they’ll be tens of thousands of dollars in debt, and the smartest barrista at Starbucks.

  • alwaysamicus

    “Tapia added that although Trump was elected president, she would not recognize him or support him.”

    That’s pretty mature. I think I’ll not recognize or support Tapia. *eyeroll*

  • roccolore

    Liberals show they hate America.

  • M2000

    So how can the Left become irrelevant again? Make the Left Irrelevant Again, good campaign slogan!