Wednesday, February 26

Letter to the Editor: Posters linking SJP, MSA to terrorist groups are not Islamophobic

The Bruin article about our poster campaign to expose the support provided to Hamas terrorists by Students for Justice in Palestine and the Muslim Student Association at UCLA left some misleading impressions, which I would like to correct. Specifically, an SJP spokesperson was quoted accusing us of “Islamophobia.” In fact, Islam isn’t mentioned in the posters.

SJP and MSA are linked not because their members are all Muslims, since they obviously are not. Moreover, most Muslims do not support Hamas and its terrorist war against the West. So the charge of Islamophobia against anyone who opposes Islamic terrorism is actually a slander against Muslims. SJP and MSA are linked because both organizations were created by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, the spawner of al-Qaida and the creator of Hamas, and because their campus political campaigns adhere chapter and verse to the genocidal propaganda campaigns of Hamas.

For example, Israel is not “occupied Palestine” as Hamas and leaders of both campus groups claim. Israel was created on land that belonged to the Turks, who are not Arabs, and who occupied the land for 400 years prior to the creation of the Jewish state. Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Jordan were all created out of the same Turkish land. Jordan is 70 percent Palestinian but is ruled by its Hashemite minority. Yet there are no protests over Jordan’s occupation of Palestinian land. That is because the Hamas-SJP-MSA campaign against Israel is part of a jihadist campaign to ethnically cleanse Jews and Christians from the Middle East.

Shame on the students who spread the genocidal lies of Hamas on the UCLA campus. Shame on them for supporting the 70-plus-year Arab aggression against the Jewish state and the 70-plus-year oppression of Palestinian Arabs by Fatah and Hamas.

David Horowitz

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  • Petty


  • TelegraphRoad

    The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups, calls David Horowitz “the godfather of the modern anti-Muslim movement”.

    • roccolore

      The SPLC is a hate group that defends ISIS. The SPLC hates Jews, hates Christians, hates military veterans.

  • America Firster

    Shame on UCLA for allowing this hate monger who whips up violence against Muslim and Arabs to post his lies on campus.

    • roccolore

      You Muslims and Democrats are the hatemongers who support the Bataclan attacks.

    • Tasha Simpson

      has there been violence against Muslims and Arabs at UCLA?

  • Tom Davis

    Let’s all remember that men fought and died to make and keep this country free. In a free country folks are allowed to assemble into groups like BDS or ADL and express their opinions, vote, make campaign contributions, etc. It appears, however, that Mr. Horowitz has violated libel and hate speech laws. The BDS folks do have attorneys I presume.

    • roccolore

      They probably have Jewish lawyers, which is ironic since BDS is anti-Jewish.

  • Tom Pessah

    every time SJP has published pretty simple, well-known facts about Israel/Palestine in the Daily Bruin, they were subjected to a really obsessive nit-picking, But David Horowitz gets a completely free pass. Take this sentence for example: “SJP and MSA are linked because both organizations were created by members of the Muslim Brotherhood.” We can argue about whether his depiction of the Muslim Brotherhood is accurate or simplistic, but the basic claim he makes is pretty straightforward: both the MSA and SJP were created by members of the Muslim Brotherhood. However, if you click on the link provided you reach a document that doesn’t mention SJP one.single.time. I looked on websites that attack SJP and didn’t find anyone else making that accusation. So my question is – where was the editor? why was there absolutely no fact-checking done in this case?

  • Embarrassed_Alumni

    I hope he paid for this Op-Ed, other than that i have no idea why DB would allow this to be posted. Desperate for views?

  • Michael H.

    Lol! I think DB published this article as a joke! Right!?! So I don’t even bother to comment on the lies from Mr. Horowitz, the big known bigot.

    • roccolore

      You Muslims and Democrats are the bigots who defend ISIS.

      • Michael H.

        No Democrat and Muslim support ISIS. FYI, ISIS killed more Muslims than Christians. ISIS and bigots have the same mindset: they both promote propaganda and generalizatios to brainwash people with their sick racist mindset.

        • roccolore

          You are the bigot who makes excuses for ISIS, Hamas, Boko Haram, and Al-Shabaab. You are the racist who thinks Islam is a race.

          • Michael H.

            And your comments demonstrate what a wonderful, civil, and educated person you are!!!

  • Tasha Simpson

    Thank you David. So many people in Los Angeles and at UCLA are deeply grateful to you.