Monday, May 25

Student Shares What It Takes to Succeed in Entrepreneurship

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Brar: I work with companies like Apple, Nike, Disney, Target and Microsoft to name a couple others and what we do for them is essentially we want to create a subscriber base for them online.

Crane: Mohvir Singh Brar is a fourth-year chemistry and material science and engineering student. He founded Brar Enterprises, a marketing company that reaches out to consumers to facilitate brand loyalty, in 2014. With the help from a couple friends, Brar utilizes his contacts to network and work with these companies. He comments on the importance of social media and marketing.

Brar: If you’re a fan of Kobe or any of those basketball players that are with Nike, you will probably go back over and over again to buy shoes, right? It’s not a one-time thing. You will have kind of a brand loyalty to them. More than that, there will also be a lot of influence that these individuals have to get that for a company. What we are seeking to do is to try and utilize the natural influence organically that crops up with social media. And so for example, Facebook – or take Instagram or Snapchat or various other forms of social media platforms. What you see is that people will naturally want to act as mini versions of these types of mega brand ambassadors but kind of do that on a microlevel.

Crane: While Brar is invested in researching and using online resources to further the mission of his business, he is also invested in the well-being and potential of the workers themselves.

Brar: I focus more on recruiting and trying to qualify people who really want to get ahead in life. Who are ambitious. Who are already doing well. Who have the guts to go out there and try to create an organization of people like them, who can go out and create a network where all these micro kind of influences are going on, where people are interested in products and services and just trying to create people who are not just hard workers, but work hard at communicating this idea.

Crane: Helping others is part of the way Brar does business. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and plans to give back to the people who work alongside him in addition to the people that have helped him the most – his parents.

Brar: ... Because we all think we are money-minded, I don’t really think I am. Ultimately when you are faced with a lot of rejection, which happens when you march to the beat of your own drum and do something new, is that ultimately, you have to have some other motivation other than just wanting to be successful and make money. That’s why you often see a lot of entrepreneurs who are very successful talk about “You have to love what you do,” because ultimately the money itself is just not going to be enough of a motivating factor.

One of the dreams that I have is to help my parents retire from their jobs. They work very hard to put me through school so I can definitely do that for them. In addition to that is to just help other students, not just students, but people who want to excel very badly in life but feel like they got kind of the the short end of the stick. So I really look for people like that who have a chip on their shoulder who are stuck in the “B” game but are “A” players.

Crane: Part of his philosophy is to become independent from his finances in order to always do what he loves.

Brar: … able to be self-sustaining and independent from our parents and having to rely on an income to a job. If you were able to become financially independent from your parents or from your job, where you would have to go a 9-to-5 every day, I think your life would really start then. The circumstances of life won’t dictate where I go. So that’s what kind of motivates me and inspires me to keep going.

Crane: Constant learning is what characterizes entrepreneurship. Those who find success are those who risk and work hard.

Brar: If you ask me what it takes to get involved in entrepreneurship, I think anybody can do it, you just have to have a lot of guts and a willingness to learn from people, who, if you're lucky enough to have mentors, willingness to learn from them and a willingness to work hard.

Crane: While entrepreneurship is not a chosen path for everyone, it contains Bruin values and a drive only those willing to risk can experience. With graduation approaching, Brar looks to the past for motivation and to the future as a source of limitless potential. Reporting for Daily Bruin Radio, I’m Jennifer Crane.

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