Tuesday, February 18

Submission: USAC members apologize to Jewish community

As individuals committed to social activism and advocating on behalf of underrepresented communities, we understand the importance and urgency of wearing our identities as a badge of honor. Integral to this is respecting and celebrating identities other than our own, and for this reason it is vital to hold ourselves accountable when we fail to respect this necessity.

Thus we ask the Jewish community to accept our sincerest apology for remarks made during the Feb. 10 Undergraduate Students Association Council meeting concerning the potential Judicial Board appointee. Our intentions were never to attack, insult or delegitimize the identity of an individual or people. It is our responsibility as elected officials to maintain a position of fairness, exercise justness, and represent the Bruin community to the best of our abilities, and we are truly sorry for any words used during this meeting that suggested otherwise.

As students of this university, we are in a unique position to learn from individuals from all backgrounds and identities; this education is a necessary and significant part of the True Bruin experience. Moreover, we look forward to engaging in cross-cultural exchange with the Jewish community and learning more about what we can do to better support the community.

With solidarity and respect,

General Representative 1 Manjot Singh, General Representative 2 Sofia Moreno Haq, General Representative 3 Fabienne Roth and Transfer Student Representative Negeen Sadeghi-Movahed

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Sofia Moreno Haq
Negeen Sadeghi-Movahed
Manjot Singh

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  • ThisIsPalestine

    This apology would mean a lot more if it wasn’t coming from a group of students who support a campaign for denying the Jewish people their most basic of human rights.

    It’s clear that these student representatives are just trying to weasel out of facing any consequences for their hateful behavior. If they were truly sorry for what they did they would resign. They have proven themselves incapable of doing the jobs they were elected to do: represent the *whole* UCLA community.

    • http://www.sandiegoteam.org jjs110

      Absolutely. The USAC must not only distance itself from these nefarious characters, but kick them out altogether lest their reputation remains tarred for good. These four did exactly what they accused Ms. Beyda would do (pre-emptively and putatively) just based on the fact that she is Jewish. This “apology” reeks of hypocrisy and lack of sincerity. Note in particular the fact that they don’t even have the courage to apologize to Ms. Beyda directly! All they could come up was to apologize to “the Jewish community”. Anyone buying this is asking for more of the same, and you can rest assured that they will do it again unless you get rid of them. Now.

    • DogOfDooM
  • Brownstudent

    I shudder to imagine the nationwide media bonanza that would have occurred if word had gotten out that a group of Jewish students had tried to keep a qualified Muslim candidate from a JBoard position just because of who she was.

    But this is hardly a surprise. UCLA and other California schools have been a fertile ground for anti-Semitism for years now. This is what happens when you roll out the red carpet for explicitly bigoted organizations like BDS. Reap what you sow.

    • McGeorge

      I agree with you. And how would these be received?

      “Given that you are a black student and very active in the black community,”
      “how do you see yourself being able to maintain an unbiased view?”

      Wouldn’t there be calls by politicians to suspend these student? And if that didn’t work, might not there be talk of reducing funding for a university?

      Try asking a job interview candidate a question like that.

    • lillubbites

      You still owe the American people an apology. They are (also) who you insulted.

      Imagine if an American — Jewish or not — asked such questions in your home countries of Germany/Switzerland, Arabia… in a public forum! Rather than simply being dismissed as ill-raised brats, you would face a response that in the US is unthinkable, by design.

      Enjoy the California weather, but kindly park your home countries’ chilling and notorious cultural norms at the door while you are our guests here.

    • DogOfDooM
    • Guest

      The infamous four bigots should be tossed out of the Jusdicial Committee. They are unfit to judge. At the University of Oklahoma, two anti-Black racists have just been permanently expelled…justifiably so, in my opinion, And more are expected to be thrown out of the University.. At UCLA, there have been no consequences whatsoever for these four students, who think it is just fine to deny a qualified candidate a position, by virtue of the fact that she is Jewish. My understanding is that all four of these racists are members of the so-called “Students for Justice in Palestine,” a group with ties to Hamas. Even Egypt has designated Hamas a terrorist group. The apologies of these four were both self-righteous and insincere. They are clearly not UCLA material.

    • Guest

      The infamous four bigots should be tossed out of the Jusdicial
      Committee. They are unfit to judge. At the University of Oklahoma, two
      anti-Black racists have just been permanently expelled…justifiably
      so, in my opinion. And more are expected to be thrown out. At UCLA, there have been no consequences whatsoever for
      these four students, who think it is just fine to deny a qualified
      candidate a position, by virtue of the fact that she is Jewish. My
      understanding is that all four of these racists are members of the
      so-called “Students for Justice in Palestine,” a group with ties to
      Hamas. Even Egypt has designated Hamas a terrorist group. The
      apologies of these four were both self-righteous and insincere. They
      are clearly not UCLA material.



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    • Guest

      The infamous four bigots should be tossed out of the Judicial Committee. They are unfit to judge. At the University of Oklahoma, twoanti-Black racists have just been permanently expelled…justifiably so, in my opinion. And more are expected to be thrown out. At UCLA, there have been no consequences whatsoever for these four students, who think it is just fine to engage in a biot of Jew-bashing. My understanding is that all four of these racists are members of the so-called “Students for Justice in Palestine,” a group with ties to Hamas. Even Egypt has designated Hamas a terrorist group. The apologies of these four were both self-righteous and insincere. They are clearly not UCLA material.

  • David

    While this gesture is a step in the right direction, this apology misses the point. The USAC members who wrote this submission have only apologized for “any words used during this meeting that suggested” a lack of fairness on their part. Unfortunately, their choice of words is not the issue here. The four authors have ignored–as if to forget or make it go away–the fact that they each initially voted to block a candidate for a position on the basis of her Jewish identity. The way it reads currently, the authors are apologizing for their word choice and not their discriminatory actions.

  • DG

    “Our intentions were never to attack, insult or delegitimize the identity of an individual or people.”

    Someone is not telling the truth.

    • ahad_ha_amoratsim

      “Our intentions were never to attack, insult or delegitimize the identity of an individual or people.”
      And yet that is exactly what the BDS movement does.

  • hypocrisy

    Sadia Saisuddin’s confirmation as student UC regent ….

    “Outside political groups attempted to derail her nomination by unfairly smearing her as an extremist linked to terror. While David Horowitz railed against her in FrontPage Magazine, other groups such as the Simon Wiesenthal Center and StandWithUs organized petitions and asked their supporters to make public comments against her nomination.”


    • roccolore

      You Muslim fascists DESERVE to be smeared.

    • Avi Jacobson

      Do you not see the difference?

      1. Horowitz wrote an open letter as a private citizen. He was not a member of the UC Board of Regents and had no say in whether or not they accepted Ms. Saifuddin. The UCLA USAC members who voted to exclude Ms. Beyda because of her religion were actual members of the organization taking official discriminatory action based solely on religion.

      2. Mr. Horowitz’s comments were not directed against her religion and in no way suggested that she should be disqualified from the Board of Regents because of her religion. They were based on her associations with Hamas (by US law, a terrorist organization) and on her explicit hate speech against Jews at large. The USAC members’ comments explicitly and specifically stated that Ms. Beydar should be disqualified not because of her membership or association with any particular organization, nor because of any alleged racist remarks against an entire religion or ethnic group (as was the case with Ms. Saifuddin), but simply because she is a Jew.

      • hypocrisy

        Why make up facts.

        1. Post the exact and complete statement that targeted Ms. Beyda for religion and not organizational affiliations. You can’t.

        2. Association with Hamas is illegal. Show us any convictions, indictments of Ms Saifuddin in such manner. You can’t.

        • Avi Jacobson

          1. Here’s the statement and the video: “Given that you are a Jewish student and very active in the Jewish community,” Roth asked Beyda, “how do you see yourself being able to maintain an unbiased view?”http://www.wnd.com/2015/02/inquisition-college-girl-gets-3rd-degree-for-her-faith/#yC45f5SiQS5cbCrj.99 In the deliberations that followed, Roth said: “My issue is, I’m going to be upfront about it, I think she’s pretty great. She’s smart, she like knows her stuff, she’s like probably going to be a really great lawyer. But I’m like not going to pretend this isn’t about conflict of interest. … It’s not her fault … but she’s part of a community that’s very invested in USAC. … Even if she’s the right person for the job.”

          2. That’s your straw man. I never said there is a law against “association with Hamas.” If you believe there is, the burden of proof is on you. What is “association”? Can you show me a law that says it is illegal to public speak in favor of Hamas? What is illegal is “Providing material support for terrorism,” per a provision of the USA PATRIOT Act, codified at section 2339B, title 18 of the United States Code, which prohibits material support to groups designated as terrorists. The four types of support described are “training,” “expert advice or assistance,” “service,” and “personnel.” Can you show me where Ms. Saifuddin was alleged or suspected of doing any of these?

          • hypocrisy

            1. Please do put up a complete statement like i asked. Not ellippsed statements.\

            2. You stated ” based on her associations with Hamas”. I point out there is not a whit of proof of this. Either by you or by the govt. or anyone.

          • Avi Jacobson

            This is an old trolling trick. Someone makes a statement, and you counter with a counterstatement that is neither true nor relevant. When you get called out on the untruth and irrelevance of your counterstatement, you call on your opponent to disprove it.

            You asked for a complete statement, and I linked you to the entire hearing. Listen yourself. Do your own research.

            As for “associations with Hamas,” here’s how the discussion went (as you know, of course):

            You, not I, brought up Sadia Saifuddin. Your point was apparently that it is hypocritical to fault Jews for disqualifying Beydar as a USAC broad member because a Jew (Horowitz) had — equally, in your view — encouraged nominating Saifauddin to the UC board of regents on grounds that you believed were similar.

            I pointed out that Horowitz (whom you had brought into the discussion, not I) had expressed an opinion as a private citizen, not taken action as an official organization as USAC had done against Ms. Beydar.

            I also pointed out that Mr. Horowitz did not suggest disqualifying Saifuddin because of her religion, but because he associated her with Hamas.

            You asked me for the complete statement that targeted Beydar for religion, and I gave it to you. I left out the intermediate and irrelevant statements in what was a long deliberation, and you somehow took that to mean that my quote was invalid. Do your own research.

            You then derailed the argument by stating the “association with Hamas is illegal,” and I pointed out that it is not.

            I don’t have to prove that Saifuddin was associated with Hamas — it was Horowitz (whom YOU brought into the argument) who asserted that she was. If you are going to bring Horowitz and his assertion into the argument, then the burden of proof is on you.

            My point is that Beydar was targeted for her religion — it’s in the very statements for which USAC subsequently apologized. What is the point that you are trying to make? That Muslims, too, were unfairly targeted by an official body for their religion? Show me where.

            If you have a point to make, make it, back it up with solid facts, and do not send others to research your case for you.

          • hypocrisy

            1. I made clear my request. Before you posted your bits and pieces of the transcript.
            2. Association with Hamas is illegal. If you point out that someone is associating with Hamas, then that’s a false claim because there was no indictment. Which proves my point.

            Thanks You.

          • Avi Jacobson

            You’re not too bright, are you? You now have a link to the entire hearing – a video – in which she is singled out for being JEWISH. Either watch it or don’t, but stop trolling. And no, “association with Hamas” is not illegal. There is no such crime. I wouldn’t even know how to define it. If my next-door neighbor is a member of Hamas and I say good morning to him, am I now “associated”? If I tell someone else I think he’s a nice guy? If I tell someone I hope Hamas continues to hold power in Gaza? If I tell someone I think Hamas is justified to build tunnels into Israel? (I don’t, of course.) Would I then be “guilty” of “associating” with Hamas? You’re making it up as you go along.

          • hypocrisy

            1. You make an allegation based on a non-existent transcript. Great.

            2. “They were based on her associations with Hamas” – those are your words. Association with Hamas is illegal in America. Now you come up with a new definition for “association”. Thanks.

          • mossdale

            Avi is right. You are dumb.

  • Nope, Try again

    This is a terrible apology.

    Not “we’re sorry for exhibiting anti-semitic and prejudiced behavior by voting to block a candidate solely on the basis of her ethnoreligious identity” but “we’re sorry that the WORDS WE USED were hurtful”. This isn’t about words. It was about actions. It was about the fact that y’all’s first instinct was to attack Beyda on the basis of her Judaism. The fact that you conflated Judaism with pro-Israel bias. And despite that not actually being something that comes before the board she was nominated for, you conflated both of the above two things with “shouldn’t be appointed to a political position”.

    Way to make UCLA a less safe place for Jewish students, you guys. WAY TO GO.

    • martial

      For each of them, it is actually more about words than anything else. If these people made statements consistent with the notion that Jews should be killed, which includes the canards Ms. Beyda lists, their futures may be kaput. Definitely, they should be prohibited from any official act involving Jewish persons while still at UCLA.

      Of course, they may have said nothing more than “tweedle dee tweedle dum, ree ree ree, rum rum rum.”

      All need to see the statements to be sure.

      In any case, a cloud hangs over their careers. This cloud can be lifted simply enough. Let the sunshine in; just put the 10 February 2015 meeting online for all to see.

    • McGeorge

      Look at where these women are from. I googled them.

      Fabienne Roth is from Switzerland.
      Negeen Sadeghi-Movahed is an Iranian and Muslim
      Sofia Moreno Haq – Muslim

      Are these people with experiences that would cause them to be unbiased?

      • DogOfDooM
      • AchillesAchillesAchilles

        Hah! A Swiss Miss.

        When she gets into hot water she changes from a disgusting brown powder into a delicacy.

        • hitttman

          I hear that you can use that stuff in your hair to make dreadlocks.

      • John Smith

        I’ve never known a non-Jewish Roth.

        • McGeorge

          John, the name Roth can be Jewish. But there are people in Germany and England with that name that are not Jewish.

        • JerseyCurmudgeon

          Roth did not originate as a Jewish name, although a lot of Jewish families are named Roth. Also, a number of Jewish families split into Christian and Jewish branches, and both retained the family names. We have friends whose family name is Roth and have been Catholic for over three centuries. On the flip side, there are a lot of Jews with typical Spanish surnames, such as Lopez and Mendoza.

    • DogOfDooM
    • Lily Hofstra

      In Israel, gays live & love freely, Muslims hold government positions, and every religion practices freely. Also, women aren’t subjugated and mutilated and there is no slavery. The complete opposite is true for most of the Arab countries. Intellectual integrity, comparative, & critical-thinking skills are absent at UCLA. Look at how many Middle-Eastern and Asian countries have been brutally taken by Muslims through war over the years- yet no one demands that they ” give back” land. On other hand, the U.N. and British mandate created a two-state solution of a microscopically sized Israel and Trans Jordan, which is now Jordan. Schools don’t teach those facts. Demand that all nations that have been taken or negotiated world-wide be returned to some other group that lived there back in time, or stop hypocritically singling out Israel.

      • Jerry

        I like the way you re-write history, Palestine/(Israel now) belonged to the Arabs for centuries, it was given to Jews by the British due to a promises England made back in 1917 when the wealthy Jews helped England finance WW1 and laterWW2. Palestine was not the only place on the table for the Jews to move in. The Jews lived all over the Middle-East for centuries ie.Syria.Iraq,Jordan,Iran etc. they were all respected and treated fairly until the European got involved.Through history European were not known for doing the right thing (South Africa/America)they don’t respect the native and abuse their human right. The Palestinian that lost their farms and lands due to the two-state solution were never compensated by the British or the Jews, they were put in camps and lived below poverty since 1948. Is this JUSTICE???

        • Lily Hofstra

          Israel was supposed to be much bigger when England decided to split the area up into Israel and Trans Jordan, but the hypocritical Arabs demanded that Israel be shrunk even more, so it was. Even after Arab demands were met, they still fought Israel. It has a right to exist just like all countries do – most countries were founded and expanded through WAR, not negotiations. The Arab world use Palestinians as pawns. The Arab world won’t accept Palestinians into their countries bc they need Palestinians as a tool to fight the State of Israel. It is you who re-writes history. Jews were there BEFORE Arabs – exhaustively researched books prove it – so it is the Arabs who have no right to be there. The Jewish State exists – it is free, it doesn’t enslave; people may freely exercise their religion, gov’t positions are open to MUSLIMS – no other Mid-East Arab country has those freedoms for non-Muslms. Instead of shaming the Arabs into adopting modern humane and ethical conditions, people like you continue to encourage them to be brutal attackers against Israel and then you wonder why Israel must build fences and enforce check points.

          • Jerry

            I agree with some of your statement about the Arab want to use the Palestinian as a tool but saying the Jews were there before the Arabs that’s going back 1000’s of years when the Roman’s destroyed the Jewish state back then and that’s the reason you see Jews scattered all over the Middle East, the Arab protected them from the Crusaders and Spanish inquisition also from the Germans during WWII. The trouble did not start until they annexed Palestinian and the West Bank later. I truly believe if you take something by force the only way to get it back is by force.

          • beninabox

            “The trouble did not start until they annexed Palestinian” The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was a supporter of the Nazis in WWII, before Israel was established.

        • beninabox

          ” they were all respected and treated fairly until the European got involved.”

          Nope. They were of dhimmi staus, which means that had to pay extra taxes and they were not accorded equal rights. It’s true that compared to Christianity of the Middle Ages, Muslim countries were enlightened. But Islamic countries have stayed in the Middle ages and the rest of the world has moved on.

          • Jerry

            I lived in that part of the world and NO ONE paid extra taxes, it’s amazing how people come up with this information and as far as them staying in the Middle Ages, they did , most of them like the simple life they are very nice people . I lived there from the mid 60’s to early 70’s and there was lot of Christians and Jews in that city (Alep) I’ve never seen or heard any one that was mistreated now that’s the truth. News media like to sell hate and of course bad news. Everyone should watch the news with objectives , public news media always been good source for me. God Bless

        • David Harris

          Wow Jerry, your ignorance of history is actually shocking. The Jews were there literally thousands of years earlier, way before Arabs. The Palestinians (actually Jordanians) were offered a full state of their own in 1948, but rejected it for war and terror. The West bank was taken quite fairly by Israel in 67 after Israel was attacked by the Arabs. Unless you similarly want the U.S. to give back Texas, your argument is thin. At best.

          • Jerry

            I never denied that the Jews did not live there before if I recall it was David that took them to Palestine (several 100’s yrs ago) but during and before Palestine was annexed by the Britt and French it was inhabited by Arabs (Christian. Jews and Muslins) most of the population were Muslims until the Jews removed them by force. And like I said before the Romans destroyed the Jewish kingdom several thousands years ago and several races moved in Palestine , your argument that it belongs to Jews is very weak at best , in a real democracy if you take something the person should be compensated for it like the Germans having to compensate the Jews for what they did to them during WWII.

          • David Harris

            Jerry, I must say I don’t fully understand what you’re trying to convey, because your writing style, grammer, sentence structure, and punctuation are so atrocious. Presuming English is your first language, you have these major run-on sentences that basically make your points gibberish. Are you in college? Please say no, or the future is lost… Anyway, I’ll assume you do know something about history, although again, this is really not evident from the above, which makes you sound simply nuts. Sorry, but true. Anyway, there was antisemitism in the questioning of the UCLA student; that was the point of the Atlantic article, and the NY Times piece, as you recall. But seriously man, work on your writing; it’s very important in life. If you can’t convey your points clearly, you become invisible; seriously.

          • Jerry

            I am an Engineer and English grammar never was my strong suit but you don’t have to point it out to me so harshly, I should’ve had my wife proof read it but I was trying to convey a message and It’s not hard to understand but anyway God bless you for trying to be a comedian I hope that’s not your regular job.

          • David Harris

            Jerry, again, that reply is just one long run-on sentence! Even Engineers should know how to write; my 5th grader writes better than that. Please, at least TRY to add some periods at some point – these generally get put between each separate thought.
            Lastly, Israel was quite justified in taking the West Bank – I hope you agree with that – since they were attacked in a war, and gained land. Yes, sort of like the U.S. and Texas. Unless you don’t think that was reasonable either.

          • Jerry

            I don’t care who control the West Bank as long as these people are treated fairly . Confiscating land does not fall under Fair and Ethical, the last time I checked . I have a high schooler know history more than most of you.

          • David Harris

            Jerry, you’re delusional. “Confiscating land” is what is done in war, such as with Texas and Mexico, and without countless other countries. The only instance in which you’re focused, and seem to have an issue with, is Israel and the West bank. Why? Could it conceivably be because you have an anti-Israel or anti-Semitic bias? If not, doesn’t it bother you just as much re: Texas? Was that not fair and ethical either? Why the double standard when Israel in concerned, Jerry?

          • Jerry

            For your information I am a Semite.

          • David Harris

            Therefore what? You have permission to have a double standard re: land “grabs” by Israel and land “grabs” by other countries including the U.S.? I note you didn’t even respond to that..

          • Jerry

            I am the kind of person that call it the way I see it. I know during the war things happened, USA , Australia and Israel. But be fair because what goes around comes around even Centuries later it never fail. Be good

          • RS

            Just be glad he used spell check.

          • Kirsten Anker

            You are an arrogant young man. I hope you have grown up in the 12 months since you wrote that piece.

          • downtown21

            He’s not ignorant. He’s just a liar.

        • Reuven

          Jerry, Your lack of historical knowledge boggles the mind. Why is Hebron called Hebron? Why is Judea called Judea? Here and there, you may find an Arab artifact if you dig superficially in the Land of Israel. But if you dig deeper, you will find Israelite towns and cities. In the Ottoman Census of 1900, the largest city was Jerusalem. And the majority population of Jerusalem was Jewish. The people you refer to as Palestinians were called South Syrians during the 1920’s, because that was when and where they came from, to a very large extent. The 1948 Report of the British High Commissioner, in Haifa, mentioned that Jews were doing everything to dissuade Arabs from leaving. However, broadcasts coming from the five Arab nations that invaded Israel in 1948, urged the Arabs to flee.saying that from a distance, an artillery shell would be unable to distinguish an Arab from a Jew.

          • Jerry

            I’ve never denied that the Jews inhabited Palestine during David’s time and lived there for Centuries. Humans right should be respected, confiscating lands and building illegal settlements isn’t one of them, especially when it belong to someone else. Have you ever heard of compensation? Ask the Germans they are still paying for what they did in WWII.

        • Mickey Logan

          Ah, the gospel according to Arafat. Liar.

        • RS

          OK so you hate Jews. And you are a big “white privilege” peddler.

        • downtown21

          Oh please.

          I basically stopped reading at the first sentence when you denied that Jews have ALWAYS lived in Israel and that both Israelis and Arabs have equal claims to the land. I am more than familiar with the false narrative you are telling of all the “Israelis” being outsiders that stole the land from the only population that was previously there. It’s a lie, it was always a lie, and it always will be.

          And as far as the Palestinians that lost their land in 1948, that was a consequence of their own invasion of Israel the day the British left. They started a war with Israel, AND THEY LOST. That’s their own fault. They are owed nothing.

          • Jerry

            I am speechless, I don’t know what to say. You twist my words around , let me be clear I don’t hate the Jews and I never said the Jews never lived there, Jews and Arabs always lived there together and at times through history there numbers fluctuated . All I am saying regardless who is or was in control shouldn’t confiscate any individual land or house without compensation. It it my opinion that Israel is the only Democracy in the middle east. most of the Arab countries are corrupt and that’s the reason you see all the fighting (no justice no peace).

          • Reuven

            Hey Jerry, The next thing you are probably going to say is the classic: “Some of my best friends are Jews.” Jerry boy, how about a modicum of compensation for the millions of Middle Eastern Jews who had to flee for their lives from Arab lands? If they got out, they were lucky to be alive. A lot of them didn’t and were butchered. And, of course, their property was sequestered by the dictatorial Middle Eastern regimes from which they were forced to run away. In your thinking they don’t count. After all, anti-Semitic bigots dehumanize Jews.

    • tcp53

      I.e.- “we’re sorry we got caught”….

    • Reuven

      I agree with you 100%, Nope, Try again. But these four will never get it right. The only reason they made any apology at all has been because their vile, anti-Semitic hands got caught in the cookie jar. The University of Oklahoma knows how to deal with racist students…swift and severe punishments, including permanent expulsions The four UCLA bigots do not belong on any student judicial panel. They do not belong in UCLA either

  • garyfouse

    The apology is warranted. This and other similar incidents have given a black eye to UCLA, other UC campuses as well as campuses across the nation. I just wish students could be exposed to information showing them how BDS and other anti-Israel agitation has stirred up anti-Jew hatred on our campuses. In fact, it goes far beyond criticism of Israel. Sometimes the rhetoric crosses over into anti-Jew speech.

  • TrueBruin


  • Ronit Jacobs

    Way too little and too late. You have made your hatred known. You must resign. This pathetic attempt to hide your true intentions will not remedy the clear anti-Semitism that has infected the UC campuses for more than a decade by BDS and other hate groups.

    • Bonnetierre

      I will not donate another penny to UCLA until these three are disciplined appropriately and made to step down. They got caught, now they issue a weak apology. If they had done the same to a black student, they would be be kicked out of the school!

      The UC system is in danger of becoming a platform for extremists.

    • Rhein Ouaiffe

      Resign? UCLA should expel them.

  • jburack

    To the UCLA bigots, this CYA fake “apology” is every bit as disgusting as what you are apologizing for. A “wrong choice of words”??? You all need to exam a whole slew of choices you made long before your choice of words for this shameful event.

  • Resist_We_Much_10

    Mainstream UCLA Mohammedanism is identical to Nazism.

    The subhuman Mohammedan should resign. By showing that they put their love of the false god Mohammed above their humanity they are incapable of representing the community. UCLA Mohammedan have forfeited their humanity.

    This ugly Quranic behavior demonstrates why then Quranic State must be eradicated.

  • p_chazz

    They should resign and be expelled from the UC system.

    • Craig Eisenberg

      Apparently UCLA does tolerate discrimination, harassment and profiling on the basis of religion if you are Jewish.

      The UCLA “Principles of Community” states:

      We do not tolerate acts of discrimination, harassment, profiling or other conduct causing harm to individuals on the basis of expression of race, color, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, religious beliefs, political preference, sexual orientation, gender identity, citizenship or national origin among, other personal characteristics. Such conduct violates UCLA’s Principles of Community and may result in imposition of sanctions according to campus policies governing the conduct of students…”

      • Bonnetierre

        Rules that are selectively enforced.

        • AchillesAchillesAchilles

          The best punishment would be displaying their words, for all to see, including prospective medical schools, law schools, etc.

          • JustAThought

            That’s done. Anyone thinking of accepting or hiring them only has to Google their names now. This will follow them forever.

          • AchillesAchillesAchilles

            If you are on a board & a lawyer is present, very wise for any board that does anything, you will find your vote overruled on occasion because the lawyer says it is wrong to vote that way. This does not mean you actually intended something unconstitutional or illegal, but because you did not know the law or misinterpreted what was said.

            Far be it for me to say the vote was proper. By the same token, far be it from me to say that the act of a vote that was overturned means that the voter knew what was going on. In reality, to make a determination of which of these kids should have their lives ruined, it is needful to who said what.

  • Bonnetierre

    Apparently some animals are more equal than others.

  • Ari Lieberman

    Has anyone checked to see whether these 4 people are affiliated or have ties to the SJP, MSA or MSU?

    • walt kovacs

      oh im sure we will see all actively engaged in jew hate….errr israel apartheid week, this spring

  • Craig Eisenberg

    These four disgusting bigots should be removed from their positions for violation UCLA’s “Principles of Community”. They have turned the student government into a laughing stock.

    Apology not accepted. The four of you are hardcore racist Jew-haters. The only reason you are attempting to apologize is due to the video evidence. Had this not been recorded, you would have continued on, lurking in the dark shadows with other anti-Semites. Now that the lights have been turned on, Negeen and Fabienne panic like the cockroaches they imitate.

    This was not an isolated incident. Several of you, Fabienne Roth, Manjot Singh, Negeen Sadeghi-Movahed and Sofia Moreno Haq, have a long history of anti-Semitic remarks, bigoted tweets and other questionable behavior. It’s all on display and now your exposure as racist intolerant people has become permanent. Thanks for showing California how despicable you truly are. I’m sure this exposure will narrow your prospects for work after college.

    Read more at http://mobile.wnd.com/2015/02/inquisition-college-girl-gets-3rd-degree-for-her-faith/#fBrz7m9dXLcVv2Qy.99

    • Bonnetierre

      Don’t overlook the fact that Negreen Movahed and Sofia Haq were good friends, both identifying with their common religion, Islam.


      • AchillesAchillesAchilles

        Well, Islam itself is not the problem. It is fascism of Qutb & al Banna that is the real problem. Unfortunately, the Muslim Brotherhood is Qutb & al Banna. They are horrific fascists whose goal is actually taking over the planet.

        That’s what cannot be forgotten. The reason to blame Jews is a stupid magic trick called diversion. Instead of admitting they want to violently conquer the planet, they declaim the Jews the cause of all war. Just look at the Hamas chapter 22 to see that is the case. Thus, to end all war they have to war against all to kill the Jews. That’s really their logic.

  • Joe__W

    These four “representatives” should resign. If not, they should be forced out. If not, they should be voted out.

  • truth hurts

    Apologizing for what you did or for being exposed?

  • TheIGofSA

    BS They meant what they said and were shocked that people disagreed with them They should be removed from office

  • Richard Smith

    Using taqiyah now huh? Where’s your apology to the PERSON YOU WRONGED or attempted to? You are the kind of character who stones women to death, throws gay people off a cliff, rapes children and then, when you want to keep your ill-gotten American visa, you offer a taqiyah “apology” trying to cover your traces. Shame be on you.

  • Piltdown Ghost

    I clicked on “UCLA Student Council Meeting” and got an old film of the Hitlerjunge. The camera must’ve been in the wrong room … and the wrong century.

    • scottpiro
      • Piltdown Ghost

        Look up who the Hitlerjunge were and you’ll understand what I meant. In retrospect I was unfair to Avi Baran, the lone voice of reason, and the other four students who did the right thing. It was unfair of me to compare the entire group to the HJ.

  • Piltdown Ghost

    Who was the lone voice of reason, that one student willing to speak out against anti-Semitism? That guy deserves recognition and thanks from all decent people. If he wishes to remain anonymous I understand; given the history and character of his opposition he has already proven his bravery.

    • Piltdown Ghost

      His name is Avi Baran.

      Without taking anything away from his standing up for his people, would it be too much to ask for a few of us who aren’t Jewish to stand with them, to speak out on their behalf when a new generation of Grand Mufti al-Husseinis hijack our schools with their vile hate? You shouldn’t have to be Jewish to be against anti-Semitism.

  • JohnSkookum

    Apology not accepted. You should be expelled.

    It’s time to punch back. Hit the Left-wing fascists twice as hard. I urge all Jewish alumni of UCLA to withhold donations to the school until these four hateful communist scum are kicked out.

    Remember the words of Saul Alinsky. You can hurt people a lot easier than you can hurt institutions. Let’s make an example of them. Hurt them bad to teach the other left wing filth a harsh lesson.

  • JohnSkookum

    The diversity-mongering Left has erected an oppressive machine to punish political incorrectness on campus. Let us hijack it and turn it back on the oppressors. Every Jew and every conservative with a UCLA connection should be filing official complaints against these left-wing hatemongers. Clog the system with an impossible avalanche of paperwork.

    Alinsky Rule 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” These people are the enemy, let’s destroy them.

  • Tom Reuss

    The silver lining here is that when these B-Board members
    apply for grad school, their bigotry will be easy to find in a Google search.

    • happitude23

      Or try to get a job.

      • DM1499

        Nah, they will fit in nicely with the democratic party. Probably end up with a high paying cabinet job with the next democratic administration.

  • richard_weeks

    “Our intentions were never to attack, insult or delegitimize the identity of an individual or people.”

    Some apology. Those were exactly your intentions. You essentially asserted that Jews had no legitimate role in UCLA campus governance. And your “apology” should not have been to the “Jewish Community” but to the entire UCLA community. You somehow believe that only Jews are offended by your anti-Jewish bigotry. One can only hope that this shameful episode lives on as a shadow over your future professional and political endeavors.

  • martial

    The question that most matters is what these people said. This is not now available on You Tube, so no one can say. Unfortunately, this leaves the impression that the four authors said something akin to Article 22 of the Hamas Charter or its equivalent, which would indicate a desire to see all Jews killed, as well as a devotion to fascism, such as is present in ISIS. Were I any of the four authors of this article, I would make absolutely certain that their statements are available for public viewing as rapidly as possible.

    No law school, business school, or medical school would want a UCLA student, no matter how otherwise qualified, who expressed support for the fascism of ISIS or Hamas Article 22.

    Very likely this will be cleared up before permanent damage is done to these four persons, who might otherwise be completely innocent of fascist impulses. Who but knows that they did not, as Ms. Beyda suggests, use vicious canards consistent with the notion that Jews should be lined up & shot?

    Again, all wait for the ability to see what they said. The names of this quartet should not be banned from intellectual future without cause.

  • SFLaw

    Just. Resign.

  • SFLaw

    This deserves a posting to SorryWatch.com.

  • SFLaw

    Oh, and by the way, congrats to the bigots who have managed to get national press by publicly exposing their bigotry: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/06/us/debate-on-a-jewish-student-at-ucla.html?_r=0

  • scottpiro

    Ms. Roth, from today’s New York Times: “I have already apologized profusely for what happened during our council meeting and I deeply regret how I phrased my questions to Rachel.” << Ms. Roth misses the point with her focus on how she "phrased" her question. It's not about the words or syntax she used, it's about why her mind asked the question at all.

  • Matt P

    What an insincere apology. This is not an apology for the content, but rather for how it was perceived.

  • Hinh Tran

    Wow, shocking to hear this is happening at UCLA.

  • Kurlis

    But what is it about UCLA that brought rise to this incident of anti-semitism? Common sense dictates that its likely to be pervasive and not simply limited to a single USAC meeting. How could this happen?

  • jleslie

    Humility seems to be a lost virtue.

    I also note the apology is more obfuscation; they do not apologize for their actions but for how their actions were perceived. It is very hard to realize and admit one’s prejudices; these students do not realize they are not the solution but the problem. But that is the nature of prejudice.

  • TCymet

    Have these students learned anything from their public anti-Semitic statements and action?

    How would they behave differently if the same question/person were presented to them next week.

    It seems that the answer would be the same, but not use the word Jewish. The hatred hasn’t been dealt with

  • stephenlight

    How very far the rot has progressed. The fact that such an event is even possible demonstrates the alarming prejudice trumpeted by academia today. Some minorities are apparently inherently virtuous, while others are apparently the incarnation of evil. I cannot imagine how bankrupt the intellectual foundations are that permitted such a line of questioning.

    I can only hope that the legislature and the alumni will seek to withhold funds until this cancer is cut from the body of UCLA. A good start would be the removal of these students from any position of responsibility.

  • Nelson Smith

    These four students will now know what it feels like to be national pariahs thanks to being on the front page of the New York Times today. Your actions will have consequences and I hope you have no peace. I have 2 Jewish children, thankfully attending more conservative universities in the South where anti-Semitism is not present as at “elite” Western and Northeast schools. This is a cancer that needs to be dealt with harshly by the UCLA administration just as if they discriminated based on color or sexual preference. Jews have always been discriminated against in universities, first due to discriminatory admission policies, and now targets of bigot’s anger against Israel. Perhaps you would prefer to attend a higher institution of learning in a “world-class” Islamic university where your values would be the mainstream and you could all wallow in your bigotry and mediocrity?

    • JustAThought

      Maybe we shouldn’t fight bigotry by saying that Islamic Universities are bigoted and mediocre? Fighting fire with fire only creates more fire. I would strongly urge everyone reading about this entire event to not fall victim to the same unfair and destructive views these four somehow gained.

  • Benny

    I hope that the four students authoring the apology (Manjot Singh, Sofia Moreno Haq, Fabienne Roth and Negeen Sadeghi-Movahed) have learned a valuable lesson. We all make mistakes in college and the goal is to learn from those mistakes.

    The four also write, though, that “It is our responsibility as elected officials to maintain a position of fairness, exercise justness, and represent the Bruin community to the best of our abilities.” They have quite clearly lost the ability to represent the Bruin community fairly. It is those four students here who must resign for the system to feel just once again.

    Otherwise, the next female, or Jew (or anything) who faces the jboard will have no way to know the basis of how they are being viewed.

    It’s quite simple, actually.

  • lillubbites

    You still owe the American people an apology. They are who you insulted.

    Imagine if an American — Jewish or not — asked such questions in Germany, Switzerland, Arabia, India… in a public forum! Instead of being dismissed as ill-raised brats you would face the brutality of your home countries.

    Enjoy the California weather, but kindly park your home countries’ more chilling and notorious cultural norms at the door while you are our guests here.

  • happitude23

    Fabienne Roth, Manjot Singh, Negeen Sadeghi-Movahed and Sofia Moreno Haq, I would suggest that you step down from your posts and make a serious, concerted and visible act of contrition.Understand this as the penalty for what you have done. You will never be allowed to supervise another person. Discrimination on the basis of religion is illegal. This whole episode is obviously what will be found if your name is searched. Your bigotry will be obvious and anyone who ever works for you will have proof that you are bigot. Which means that you are pure bait for a discrimination lawsuit by anyone who is disgruntled. And as such bait, no rational employer would let you be a supervisor. No rational investor would fund a venture you want to pursue. Your future is finished because of your hate. So, I would suggest an immediate and verifiable attitude adjustment.

    • liltes

      “Your future is finished because of your hate.”

      Would it be so! Unfortunately there is a market around such characters. A quick search on Fabienne Roth, for example, reveals pictures (20 pounds lighter but I’m pretty sure it’s her) of a facebook fan group!

      • happitude23

        Yeah, but facebook fans don’t write paychecks. She won’t pass HR anywhere she applies.

    • stephenlight

      They can get jobs in Europe. No doubt in Switzerland, as a proximate example. Fortunately any American employer stupid enough to hire them wil be sitting on a ticking time bomb of a lawsuit….forever.

      I left out the Middle East, as gender or religious affiliations might limit their opportunities…..

  • mls31286

    Pathetic apology – they clearly don’t get it.

  • Michael Olenick

    Based on the video I watched your intention was certainly to attack, to insult and to delegitimize Rachel. That was exactly your intent and you achieved it spectacularly. Clearly you didn’t think the consequences of your actions until after it became clear how ugly your behavior looks to the genuinely “unbiased.” Since your parents obviously never bothered I’ll point out that apologies are directed to the person you hurt, not some nebulous other group, and include taking responsibility for your behavior, neither which occurred here.

  • walt kovacs

    apology not accepted

    there are consequences to speech, and the consequence of your speech should be your immediate resignation

  • Joshua

    How are these students still serving on this board? I don’t care if they tried to push out someone for being Muslim, Jewish, Gay, Female, whatever. This is America and that sh*t doesn’t fly. But, I guess I am wrong. I am reading far too much racism and bigotry in the (domestic) news over the last few years.

  • RR

    This does not reflect well on your council members at all. Asking a *candidate for the Judicial Board* if they are interested in representing the student body equally and fairly is like asking an applicant for a programming position if they like computers. Something so colossally obvious should not be in question at this point, and the fact that it even occurred to you all to ask is incredibly insulting and ham-handed.

    Something tells me that this question would never even cross the mind of these members if the candidate came from proper WASP stock. Neither would they dare ask this if the student were a member of an African-American student organization.

  • cathy

    It would be helpful for people to understand why these people Manjot Singh, Sofia Moreno Haq, Fabienne Roth and Negeen Sadeghi-Movahed still have a position in Student Council?
    How in any way do they adequately represent all the students?

    Why was the Youtube video removed that showed what went on in this council meeting?
    How is that being transparent?


  • GBR

    Like cockroaches, only the searing light of disgrace induced these hatemongers to retreat into their shadowy crevices to wallow with like-minded filth.

  • endmathabusenow

    These students should resign their positions if they want to demonstrate true contrition. While one can forgive their misteps as a failure to recognize their own biases and agenda; both their words and votes call into question whether they will be fair going forward.

    It would be best for all if students who have better demonstrated the maturity to deal with their biases served in this position, and these four students find other opportunities to serve and grow.

  • WriterWithCredentials

    Dear Mr. Singh, Ms. Haq, Ms. Roth et al: Your laughable back-handed apology and supposed explanation of your virulent Anti-Semitism stand as an insincere and opportunistic afterthought to the honest ugliness of your original inquisition. If this is an example of what the luxury of a university education has afforded you, then it is clear your parents have wasted their money on trying to truly “educate” you. Please feel free to visit or study in ANY country in the Middle East where, (save for Israel), you will be discriminated against as either a Hindu, a Christian, or as a woman. Feel free to don your chador and go where you think the grass is so much greener…

  • matt10023

    It’s a bit of a “mistakes were made” apology. They are sorry for the words, but make no mention of the underlying belief set that spawned them.

    Ms. Roth hopeful will use this teachable moment to think deeply on her views.

  • DogOfDooM

    Wow, just WOW!!!

    The essence of your apology is more insulting than your actions.

    “It is our responsibility as elected officials to maintain a position of fairness, exercise justness”

    Your apology/excuse is that you weren’t aware your actions were discriminatory against a person’s religious belief. I’d like an explanation as to how mind numbingly stupid you have to be, in the position you’re in, to not know what you’re doing. What type of qualifications allowed you to be in the position is of greater importance. The bigots should Resign!

  • cathy

    Given that you are a Jewish student and very active in the Jewish community, how do you see yourself being able to maintain an unbiased view?”

    Really? What are they teaching at UCLA anyway?

  • DogOfDooM
  • funnylady1956

    As a UCLA alumna, and a convert to Judaism, I am disgusted and ashamed of the actions of you four! I doubt strongly Ethics and Civics were taught in your home schools, but I learned that religion should never be a cause for denying anyone a position of decision making. To keep an open mind is dictated by your upbringing, they way you were treated and how you treat others, not who you worship. Sounds like your were all brought up “carefully taught” , as the lyrics in the musical “South Pacific” go: ” You’ve got to be taught before it’s too late, Before you are six or seven or eight, To hate all the people your relatives hate, You’ve got to be carefully taught!. Time to UNteach your closed minds!

  • tberk

    What a sham of a mockery of a travesty of an apology!!! Sorry if we offended anyone. The rampant growth of modern antisemitism is both sad and scary. These racist bigots should be removed from student council; clearly they are the ones who can remove bias from their acts. Please UCLA, do the right thing….

  • Honey Badger

    This is really awful. How is this type of official bigotry not against the written policies of UCLA? Students have been suspended and kicked out for far less hateful actions.

  • StraightTalkRoom

    Isn’t Roth Jewish?

  • cathy

    Please sign the petition so that members of UCLA can not break Federal and State law.


    The University of California, in accordance with applicable Federal and State law and University policy, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, medical condition (cancer related or genetic characteristics), ancestry, marital status, age, sexual orientation, citizenship, or service in the uniformed services. The University also prohibits sexual harassment. This nondiscrimination policy covers admission, access, and treatment in University programs and activities.

  • TwoHands

    “Our intentions were never to attack, insult or delegitimize the identity of an individual or people.”

    I cannot, for the life of me, imagine what other intention you could possibly have had.

  • Arun

    I am deeply disappointed that Manjot Singh could be involved in this type of inquisition.

  • metasandwich

    As an alumnus who lives in LA and cares for the welfare of the UCLA community, I think these four council members should do the only reasonable thing and resign their positions to allow the student body to reflect, heal and move on from this tragic episode. Doing nothing will teach them nothing.

    • Moltar

      My vote is for expulsion.

  • Moltar

    How exactly are the 4 of you still enrolled at UCLA? The very fact you even went to such lengths based upon religion shows how bigoted you all are. They very line of questioning has no place in our society, much less at an institute of higher learning that is supported by taxpayer funds.

    You all need a much more significant consequence that a hollow, self-serving apology.

  • iamjohn

    You can shove your apology up your assess, you racistt pigss!

  • gdaddo

    To quote the learned Mr. Baral from the minutes of your meeting, maybe you should all “recluse” yourselves from further voting by resigning immediately.

  • chuckles26

    I actually do NOT accept your apology. Looking at your last names, it would be easy to paint you all with an ethnically insensitive brush. However, that is un-American, not to mention despicable. Unfortunately, you did not the good sense or judgment to realize (especially you, Ms. Roth) that you don’t have that judgment. Perhaps as you mature and begin to understand the tragic history of anti-Semitism, you will better comprehend the error of your ways. As for now, your letter of apology should be rejected by everyone who was offended, and your resignations from your positions should be offered.

  • Sanych

    From http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/06/us/debate-on-a-jewish-student-at-ucla.html:

    In an interview on Thursday, Chancellor Block said he viewed this as “a teaching moment. These are students that are learning about governance. I think they all learned about what’s appropriate and what’s not appropriate. The campus has come together on this.”

    You are wrong Chancellor. This is a teaching moment for YOU and the rest of the faculty and administration about the atmosphere of bigotry and antisemitism on the campus of YOUR university.

    • CitizenJack

      If you really want this to be a teaching moment…one that will truly inhibit others from such actions, then dismiss them immediately from the board and put them on probation for 1 year. After that have them serve community service with one of the Jewish organizations on campus.

      • Sanych

        Yes, there must be consequences for the four antisemites who voted against and the one who abstaned.

        But why do you want to let the “grown-ups” off the hook? They control the situation on campus, and it is them who are the real culprits in this case.

        • CitizenJack

          I agree with you but If the administration does as I suggested then they would have acted responsibly

  • Sanych

    The initial vote was four “for”, four “against”, one “abstained”. The second vote was nine “for”. Who was the abstaining member? Should not he or she also write an apology?

  • AchillesAchillesAchilles

    Agreed. I know dozens of Muslims. None are Qutbist/Al Banna fascists.

  • QuienesSomos

    Anyone who thinks this BDS BS is anything more than anti-semitism under another cloak is a fool. All these BDS jerks should be required to spend 6 months living with their peace loving Hamas friends in Gaza.

    Let the grown ups run the world please.

  • MNix

    I notice that the “apology” is to “the Jewish community” and not specifically to the woman they slandered, Rachael Beyda. In fact, she’s not mentioned at all, nor the injustice they attempted to commit upon her.

  • Adam OnWeb

    Fabienne Roth, Negeen Sadeghi-Movahed, Manjot Singh, and Sofia Moreno Haq:

    You wrote:

    “Thus we ask the Jewish community to accept our sincerest apology for REMARKS made… …Our intentions were never to attack, insult or delegitimize the identity of an individual or people… …and we are truly sorry
    for any WORDS used during this meeting…”

    Frankly, it’s very hard to interpret your behavior in that meeting as anything but a delegitimizing attack.

    You should understand that the problem isn’t your “remarks” or “words” – but the actual sentiments behind them.

    To me, your apology reads like this: “We regret our “words” and “remarks” and we will be much more discrete in the future – when we exercise our antisemitism and further abuse our positions of power.”

    Well, thanks, but no thanks.

    Might I suggest you pen a more sincere apology and make a more concerted effort to change how you THINK – instead of just altering your “words” and “remarks.”

    P.S. Ms. Roth, you clearly need to work on yourself. You seemed so casual with what you said that I could only conclude you’ve been around people who speak like that for years. Those people have done you a terrible disservice. You need to spend some time with the people you hate – or you will just go on hating them out of ignorance… and the only thing that will be different is now, everyone will know it.

  • Barbara Stein

    The most blatant example of anti-Semitism I’ve seen on a US college campus. That these students still sit on the board and are still enrolled at UCLA is a testament to outrageous intolerance and a university that has lost all credibility with the wider audience. These empty apologies are far too little and far too late.

  • Jack M.

    “Individuals committed to social activism and advocating on behalf of underrepresented communities” look and sound a lot like antisemitic bigots. Why are these 4 still students? If they had subjected an African-American applicant to the same treatment, all 4 would have been swiftly expelled. That UCLA hasn’t expelled them raises questions as to whether UCLA is in compliance with federal antidiscrimination law. Complaints should be filed with the US Dept. of Education, Office of Civil Rights.

  • barton fink

    You can’t apologize for an act that you’re trying to hide. Put the video back up. Your removal of the video shows bad faith, and this will probably not be overlooked by say, the bar associations of the states that you apply to becomes lawyers in. If you stand a chance at all of getting past a character and ethics committee at this point, then putting the video back up would be a good way to show that you aren’t just trying to save face.

  • obamaiscarter

    This apology should be rejected as the insincere farce that it is. If this event hadn’t been publicized, Ms. Beyda would not be on the board and the bigots who voted against her would just go on as if nothing happened.

  • https://twitter.com/The__Bear__Jew bear jew

    They should all be suspended and if they receive any type of scholorship it should be revoked

  • ThoughtCrimeinProgress

    Sofia Moreno Haq, Negeen Sadeghi-Movahed, Manjot Singh said: “Our intentions were never to attack, insult or delegitimize the identity of an individual or people.”

    Baloney. You were probing Rachel Beyda for thoughtcrimes against Palestinian Liberation Ideology.

  • ThoughtCrimeinProgress

    Sofia Moreno Haq, Negeen Sadeghi-Movahed, Manjot Singh said: “Our intentions were never to attack, insult or delegitimize the identity of an individual or people.”

    Baloney. You were probing Rachel Beyda for past and future thoughtcrimes against Palestinian Liberation Ideology like some kind of Thought Police.

    • CitizenJack

      Sofia, “Reap what you Sow”. Good luck & good riddance.

  • cathy

    Twist it anyway you want, but students at UCLA are protected under state and federal law that does not allow you to discriminate based on sex, gender, religion, disability etc.

    Beyond the fact that I not sure this young woman has a say in Israel’s politics and policing,
    I don’t think they call her before they act.

    Am I responsible for how the Pope behaves or his stand on abortion?
    What if the young woman was raped? How do I feel?
    Does the Pope call me before he acts?
    Would this be fair game during my job interview?

    Do you understand why we have state and federal laws to protect against discrimination in jobs or on campus? My only real question is why 4 members who sit on a JUDICIARY BOARD do not understand basic US law.

    Bottom line, the 4 students that voted against her were just afraid that she might question their decisions supporting SJP and the terrorist Rasmea Odeh that SJP supports and raises money for his terrorist activities.

    If students on campus can not follow our laws should they be able to sit on a judiciary board? If you don’t think so please sign the petition.

  • Rainer Welzel

    Disgusted! The 4 of you should resign immediately! Apply a very simple test to what you said/did….replace the word “jewish” with, “black”, “gay”, or “muslim” and do you think you wouldn’t be run out of UCLA? You are a disgrace to the institution! This truly is a teaching moment! Save whatever dignity you have left and resign. Then I’d suggest you spend some time volunteering for a jewish organization or charity.

  • Tigger907

    You four should just resign already. You’re actions were disgusting.

  • David Harris

    This is a “non-apology” apology. A true apology would have been something to the effect of

    “We apologize for our blatant antisemitism. However, in truth, we blame our parents for not educating us better in terms of tolerance and respect for others, including Jews, before we came to college. We apologize for the majority of the world, which clearly judges Jews and others with two separate yardsticks. How else could one explain the BDSM movement directed at Israel, especially prevalent on campuses, and yet no BDSM movement exists to punish the many Muslim and other countries such as India, Congo, etc. with abysmal, shameful, shocking human rights records? We apologize for the media, which demonizes Israel, and glosses over the actual history in the MidEast which shows the Palestinians had numerous chances for peace and nation-building, yet repeatedly chose victimhood and terrorism, starting in 1948. Lastly, we apologize for being small-minded. For not recognizing that we, Muslims, an Indian, and a Christian, should be the last ones throwing accusations of possible bias. For this, we will take every course our fine university has to offer, on Mideast History, Jewish studies, Holocaust history, etc. We will learn. We are sorry, and we will be better.”

  • westernblot

    I guess my question is what are these 3 morons doing in UCLA other then spouting their foreign bile.

  • Really?

    What are you apologizing for? Being anti-Semitic? Or making it obvious that you are anti-Semitic? (Aren’t you the ones who are biased? And shouldn’t you, therefore, resign, by the way?)

    Your statements are out there now. You would have to do a lot more than apologize to do any good. What are you going to do to eradicate the prejudice and the lack of respect for the identities of others that you have shown?

    Yes, this is a teaching moment. I, for one, am scared by what you have taught us.

  • Gdich

    The four of you should be removed from your exalted positions for demonstrating exactly the opposite of the Bruin tradition.

  • Anglo Jew

    Are any of these people actually Americans?

  • Len Colby

    These four idiots should do the right thing and
    resign from the USAC. Simply based on her religion/ethnicity
    they alleged Rachel Breyda would be too biased to fairly perform
    her functions instead they proved that about themselves.

    And this half assed apology proves they STILL don’t
    get it. They didn’t apologize to Ms. Breyda herself they couldn’t
    even bring themselves to mention her name preferring to simply to
    refer to her as “the
    potential Judicial Board appointee”. They apologized for their
    words not their actions.

  • CitizenJack

    Embedded in these letters is the solution to this insanity that is infecting many campuses. Take a video or picture and get their name. Post it on the internet with a short narrative. Once these people have some “skin in the game” and realize that they are on a course that will ruin their careers then maybe this blatant racism will be diminished. Of course don’t forget to report this to your administration, or report to an organization that can help with legal action if particularly egregious.

  • CitizenJack

    And what about Irmary Garcia, the USAC Cultural Affairs Commissioner, who initially abstained. She is well versed and active in student affairs. Can she please explain her position? Let’s hear from you Irmary.

  • Len Colby

    These four idiots should do the right thing and resign from the USAC. Simply based on her religion/ethnicity
    they alleged Rachel Breyda would be too biased to fairly perform her functions instead they proved that about themselves.

    And this half assed apology proves they STILL don’t get it. They didn’t apologize to Ms. Breyda herself they couldn’t
    even bring themselves to mention her name preferring to simply to refer to her as “the potential Judicial Board appointee”. They apologized for their words not their actions.

  • arlojones

    Fabienne Roth, given that you are a woman and very active in the female community,
    how do you see yourself being able to maintain an unbiased view?”

  • Lily Hofstra

    Swap the religion from Jewish to Muslim and Roth would’ve been thrown off the Judicial board AND suspended from UCLA and forced to take sensitivity courses.

  • Lily Hofstra

    The current Moveon.org petition should be re-worded to insist that only the four members who voted ‘No’ should be removed from the board, not all the members. Why should those who initially voted in favor of the Jewish student be kicked off of the board, also? Please revise petition.

  • Lily Hofstra

    We are constantly being told that all Muslins don’t support terrorism or other values and/ or prejudices, yet the four ‘No’ voters assumed that an individual Jewish person holds a common negative belief system. So Jews may be lumped together but not Muslims?

  • Lily Hofstra

    Were the current Muslim judicial board members asked about and scrutinized over their religion and how it would affect their fair decision-making abilities?

  • hitttman

    I caught on to this controversy after reading the NYT article. I find these students very ignorant for trying to hold a Jewish student accountable for something she is not directly involved in. The logic exhibited by the students who are ATTEMPTING to rationalize their behavior rather than apologize is appalling. I know these students are young so I would be willing to be that their parents hold the same belief system as they do. They got caught on film being racist, biased, and now have a published statement that makes no logical sense- THIS IS THE PERFECT STATEMENT TO KEEP ON YOUR PHONE TO GET OUT OF HAVING TO BE ON JURY DUTY, RIIIIIIIIGGGHTTT?. I would like to see UCLA intervene and make these students take sensitivity training- and perhaps be forced to do it at the best LA delicatessen, I find Langers to be the best, however, these students would probably gave it 1 star on Yelp without having ever tried it!

    The bottom line is that without a sincere apology, and with their names made public, the world now sees what kind of ‘liberals’ they really are, racist liberals.

  • http://www.fewmets.org/ unclesmrgol

    Ah, the sweet smell of boiler plate apology. When each of these people run for public office, they will point to this apology as showing that they have always been inclusive. And that they are, and always have been, at peace with Eastasia.

    Unfortunately, it took a faculty member, by reminding them that a religious test for public office is odious to the American people, to turn them from their real positions.

    For people who claim to be adults and scholars, that’s quite a put down.

  • Cal1234

    As a graduate of UCLA, as are many family members for several generations, I am embarrassed by the actions of Ms. Roth and her colleagues who deliberately used religion as a qualification for a student council position contained within a public university. Her veiled attempt at an apology can never be accepted. Her actions speak so much louder than written forced apologetic words. She is the worst kind of hypocrite – worried about someone’s “bias” when she herself completely showed her cards and is threatened by someone who may have differences of opinion, no matter what that issue might be. At first I thought these 4 individuals should be removed from USAC, but now, I believe they should be expelled. I wish not my tax money to support such discrimination at this level. I also may withhold my future donations to the University because of this. She has deliberately hurt this school and its reputation by extreme discrimination. She is 18, an legal adult and should be accountable as an adult. The University has not gone far enough in its actions – I applaud the USAC president and faculty representative for standing tall – Ms. Roth and her 3 colleagues, truly biased in the worse way, need to be made an example and expelled immediately.

  • Malcom Warner

    This is a fake non-apology that doesn’t even begin to cover the blatant, naked anti-semitism that these USAC members displayed in their appalling line of questioning. “Our intentions were never to attack, insult or delegitimize the identity of an individual or people.” Yes, they absolutely were. Those were in fact your exact intentions. You openly questioned a Jew’s qualification for office solely because she was a Jew. If the situation were reversed, and it was Ms. Haq having her candidacy questioned because of her Islamic faith, the campus would erupt in cries of “Islamophobia”. There would be protests every day. The questioner would be kicked off the council immediately. Maybe face university discipline. But since we’re instead dealing with anti-semitic questioning, a half-hearted non apology is sufficient because it’s still acceptable to be Anti-semitic – oops, sorry – “anti-Zionist” (the Jew-haters’ new code word) at a university.

    USAC has really shamed itself. If these four representatives have any decency they should resign their posts.

  • Southie Guy

    WTF is with California State schools. First this, then the Irvine fiasco. Maybe they should have everyone elected to office at these schools study something like, I don’t know, the principles of our country???

  • John Smith

    Those evil WASPS will never give the Jews a break.

  • S L

    Should Conrad Contreras and Morris Sarafian let the actions of their four colleagues be scrutinized while they hang back and say nothing?

    At a meeting subsequent to the infamous Feb 10th meeting, three representatives of Hillel asked for apologies from the four council members and *also* from Conrad Contreras, the VP, on behalf of his proxy, Morris Sarafian. The audio from the video of Feb. 10th meeting was only so-so, but it appears that the Hillel reps were correct in pointing out the involvement of Contreras’ proxy. Mr. Sarafian introduced the loaded term “divided loyalties” into the discussion and went on about conflicts of interest.

    A transcript of Mr. Sarafian’s words can be found here: http://saltdragon.tumblr.com/post/111624209959

  • http://spaghettitree.tumblr.com/ tani P.

    There’s a strong argument that the sole intent of the people above was to “delegitimize the identity of an individual or people” with their absurd line of questioning. This is a farce.

  • OnlyMe

    USAC–Amplecti Hypocrisis, Odium Non Sufficit Est

  • Adam OnWeb

    Had their apology had demonstrated at least some recognition of what they did, I might consider showing some compassion. Unfortunately, their empty apology only serves to further deepen the wound.

    They’ve apologized for “words” and “remarks” as if their bigoted misconceptions had nothing to do with their words. These four haven’t acknowledged that you can’t possibly – continuously – utter such “remarks” throughout a 40 minute deliberation without harboring the sentiments of true anti-Semites.

    If this the result of their “teaching moment”, than they’ve obviously learned nothing.

    Based on what they’ve written in this apology, they don’t acknowledge the true issue. Except for their “words”, the take absolutely no responsibility for their intentions and behavior.

    Perhaps in the future, they’ll be more careful with their “remarks”, but they will continue to harbor unjustified discrimination against Jews.

    They’re clearly unsuitable to sit in judgement of other students.

    At the very least, they should resign.

  • Reuven

    I saw the video demonstrating your blatant anti-Semitism. You can only be deplored! UCLA should take punitive action against the four of you for your racism. Moreover, as you may well have violated U.S. Civil Rights legislation, criminal prosecution might be ahead of you. Your behavior is now, weeks later, getting widespread publicity. What I feel is your insincere apology to The Jewish People is one that this Jew totally reject!

  • AlienGusto

    The appropriate apology will be your resignations.

  • Dave Lebental

    I’ve been reading about this Racist Student Government Trainwreck. I’m a small business owner here in Southern California. My business pays 9% CA state taxes which are used to fund UC. The UC regents keep asking for more money from guys like me to “keep the cost of tuition down” for students. Now I’m seeing what my money is being used for:

    1. a Swiss foreign exchange student who is racially profiling the student government of an American university.
    2. two Muslim students who have apparently voted to have UC and CalPRS “divest” from US businesses who don’t support their political agenda.

    Hmmmmmm…….. This is not the picture the regents painted when they conned the CA business owners into paying more taxes.
    Haq, Roth, Movahed & Singh- I don’t want to fund you anymore. Your parents can pay the full cost; not the reduced subsidized cost they are playing today. You can follow your hearts racist inclinations on your own dime. It’s time for The CA taxpayers to divest of UC and let you pay your own freight. Sorry- but in the real world a few bad apples do spoil the bunch.

  • Mickey Logan

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one… so three muslims, an aryan and a Jew walk into a conference room…

  • downtown21

    This obviously isn’t good enough. They voted against her nomination because she is Jewish, but the only thing they’re apologizing for is admitting it openly. Stop apologizing for your words and apologize for your ACTIONS.

  • Janric

    Is that why SJP endorsed the folks who badgered Rachel Beyda in the first place?

  • Lily Hofstra

    Horrible and unbelievably hypocritical. Why are other students across the country getting expelled & suspended for singing? An ACT of prejudice is worse than singing a song that yielded ZERO concrete loss to a person. These anti-Jewish board members actually blocked a person based on religion. Anything short of suspension is a sanctioning of this overt prejudice. Because you didn’t punish strongly the four prejudiced students, future actions against Jews can’t be punished either. Perpetrators will point to this non-punishment & say that UCLA set a precedent. You can’t ignore one group of racists bc they are mostly minorities, yet punish future one’s or White Christians for the same behavior toward Muslims or Jews or Blacks or Latinos. UCLA is non- welcoming of Jews; it made that fact clear with its non-punishment response.

  • Lily Hofstra

    They are diversity frauds. One should ask them if a Muslim board member could be non-prejudicial in discussions involving Israel and the USA. So, Muslims are inherently impartial but not Jews? All four prejudiced members who denied the Jewish applicant a position must be punished immediately – expelled or suspended combined with mandatory counseling just as the boys who sang a racist song were punished. Which of the two is worse- singing a mean song without a tangible, direct negative effect on a person (s) or a prejudicial act that directly negativity affected a real person? It’s clear which is worse, yet the UCLA students had only to apologize- insincerely, by the way, because no one changes his stripes overnight. They committed a crime and there was zero consequence, which means all future bigoted, prejudiced actions against Jews must also go unpunished, otherwise, it will be unfair to punish some Jew-haters and not others.

  • JerseyCurmudgeon

    This is very hollow and non-credible apology. Your intentions were clear.