Tuesday, January 21

USAC election to be heavily contested by four slates

Seven of the 13 undergraduate student government positions have at least three candidates running for office in the upcoming spring elections.

The Undergraduate Students Association Council Election Board, which will oversee the May 6-8 elections, announced a total of 31 candidates from four different slates Thursday night.

Slates are groups of students that pool their resources together and campaign under similar platforms, like political parties. The four slates this year are Bruins United, LET’S ACT!, FIRED UP! and ¡Bruin Satyrists!

Students running for Cultural Affairs commissioner, Student Wellness commissioner, Campus Events commissioner and Community Service commissioner will be uncontested.

Nine candidates are running for the three general representative positions.

FIRED UP!, LET’S ACT! and Bruins United are all running candidates for the majority of offices, while ¡Bruin Satyrists! is only running a candidate for general representative.

FIRED UP! and ¡Bruin Satyrists! are new slates this year, while LET’S ACT! started running candidates during last year’s election. Bruins United is the longest-standing slate participating this year.

Some of the candidates running have been involved with USAC either as elected officials or as staff in current councilmembers’ offices.

Devin Murphy of LET’S ACT!, Sunny Singh of Bruins United and Miriam Rodriguez of FIRED UP! are running for president.

This list below states the name and slate of each candidate.



Devin Murphy, LET’S ACT!

Miriam Rodriguez, FIRED UP!

Sunny Singh, Bruins United




Internal Vice President:

Avinoam Baral, Bruins United

Harwind Lasher, FIRED UP!

Negeen Sadeghi-Movahed, LET’S ACT!




External Vice President:

Conrad Contreras, LET’S ACT!

Aurelia Friedman, Bruins United

Angel Garfio, FIRED UP!




Academic Affairs Commissioner:

Allyson Bach, Bruins United

Jazz Kiang, FIRED UP!

Janay Williams, LET’S ACT!




Student Wellness Commissioner:

Savannah Badalich, Independent











Community Service Commissioner:

Cynthia Wong, Independent











Facilities Commissioner:

Alex Mercier, LET’S ACT!

Teri Nguyen, FIRED UP!

Carlos Quintanilla, Bruins United



sedina.FSC.jpgFinancial Supports Commissioner:

Winnie Galbadores, LET’S ACT!

Gabriel Gutierrez, FIRED UP!

Heather Rosen, Bruins United




Cultural Affairs Commissioner:

Irmary Garcia, LET’S ACT!











Campus Events Commissioner:

Greg Kalfayan, Independent










genrep.USE (1)





General Representatives:

Adar Carver, FIRED UP!

Erineo Garcia, LET’S ACT!

Sachin Medhekar, ¡Bruin Satyrists!

Kevin Patterson, Bruins United

Francesca Rebosura, LET’S ACT!

Fabienne Roth, Bruins United

Nihal Satyadev, Bruins United

Manjot Singh, LET’S ACT!

Der Xiong, FIRED UP!

Compiled by Amanda Schallert, Bruin senior staff, and Kendal Mitchell, Bruin contributor.

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  • Common Sense

    Hopefully these candidates will actually make good on their promises and actually do something for the UCLA community. Our current USAC members care only about their own self-interest and how they can milk their stunt at USAC for their own benefit.

    • Mister Robinson

      especially Savannah Badalich, it’s all about her!

  • Mister Real

    Im’ going to predict the winners right now, just off their pictures LOL:


    Devin Murphy, LET’S ACT!

    Internal Vice President:

    Avinoam Baral, Bruins United

    External Vice President:

    Aurelia Friedman, Bruins United

    Academic Affairs Commissioner:

    Jazz Kiang, FIRED UP!

    Facilities Commissioner:

    Alex Mercier, LET’S ACT! (HOTTTT)

    Financial Supports Commissioner:

    Heather Rosen, Bruins United

  • curious

    where’s avi oved?

    • The_Herman_Cains

      didn’t you hear? he only did IVP to pad his LinkedIn account.