Monday, July 22

Submission: True love extends beyond romance, encompasses friendship

Growing up with Disney princess movies, I often discredited “love” stories as ridiculous obsessions with knights in shining armor. While these films provided entertainment, they rarely ever presented a story that could actually play out in my life (most likely due to the lack of suitable horses in Los Angeles). However, while watching the newest film from Disney,“Frozen,” I was relieved to see a different type of love take center stage. Although I was not so vapid as to think that love can only occur in romantic relationships, love really does exist outside the typical mold of two intimately associated individuals. True love is not always with a prince or even a handsome Australian hunk. True love can be with anyone.

For me, true love is my roommates: Cynthia Lee, Alisa Silsbee, Kelsie Sandoval and Shawna Chan. Through the fun times and the not-so-fun, these four women are the ones I enjoy sharing my life with. After all, isn’t that what love really is? Liking someone enough to say, “Hey, why don’t you invade my personal space for a while, and in return I will invade yours?” I think that’s what makes love so special; that it’s not always easy, and sometimes it’s really freaking hard. Even when the bathroom is trashed and there are dirty dishes in the sink, the five of us are kept together by more than just a four-year bond. Together, we have been through some mediocre times, stress with relationships and mental deterioration from bad grades. But we have also had countless good times, or as Kelsie has coined, “bonding experiences,” which often altered my judgment and perception of things going on in my life. Being roommates is more than sharing space; it’s about sharing a life together but without the wining, dining and emotional flutters of a romance. It’s really about the truest and most fundamental human connection – in a word, love.

Natalie Dreyer

Fourth-year political science student

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  • Glen Broemer

    If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth, right? the Democrats’ great accomplishment is producing the political equivalent of a Rodney King video, clearly demonstrating the lies of the right, the right Hilary Clinton correctly identified as a vast conspiracy. Confirm by examining Central District of California Cases, 01-4340, 03-9097, 08-5515, 10-5193, US Tax Court 12000-07L

  • Glen Broemer

    –though I think you want to view my US Tax Court Appeal to the 9th Circuit for a good account of their day to day assaults, a few month time slice indicative of a decade of assault, and 9th Circuit case 11-56043.

    Typically operating through puppets–including puppets in the judiciary–the right wing has for decades been committing crimes and trying to classify them to cover them up, a move explicitly forbidden by the Code of Federal Regulations. The right has accomplished its political objectives by presenting a fraction of the evidence to judicial officials who, having seen the pattern dozens of times before, could not help but realize that they were being presented with incomplete and inaccurate information.

  • Glen Broemer

    With either the willfully blind approval or the willful ignorance of the judiciary the right has killed & stolen several of my pets and routinely shoot energy weaponry at me and my pets, despite my calls to the police, the FBI, Congress, and despite my petitions in court. There is really only one solution, and that’s to disempower them politically.