Tuesday, January 28

UCLA sets records with more than 100,000 fall 2014 applicants

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The number of applications to UCLA broke 100,000 for the first time this year, according to a report released today by the University of California Office of the President.

More than 105,800 people applied for UCLA’s fall 2014 entering class, about a 6 percent rise from last year. Most of the increase in applications came from a more than 7 percent growth in freshman applicants. The number of transfer applicants rose by 1.4 percent.

UC-wide, schools received a total of about 183,270 applicants, marking a near 5 percent increase from the number of fall 2013 applicants. Last year, the UC saw a more dramatic rise in applicants, with applications to the UC increasing by 8.6 percent.

UCLA remained the UC with the most applicants this year. UC Berkeley received the second highest number of applicants with just over 90,000.

Asian American and Chicano/Latino applicants to UCLA increased this year by about 550 and 370, respectively, this year.

“Increases in applications from underrepresented groups and from in-state students reflect the care and attention we’ve given to California and the communities where these students live,” said Youlonda Copeland-Morgan, UCLA’s associate vice chancellor for enrollment management, in a statement.

Over the last two years, the number of Chicano/Latino applicants to the UC has risen by more than 5,300, showing the largest growth rate of any demographic of applicants to the UC.

The number of Asian American applicants saw the second largest rise in applicants, increasing by about 470 this year. The number of African American applicants to UC schools decreased by more than 100 this year.

The number of white applicants to the UC has decreased the most this year, dropping by more than 1,300.

For more information about fall 2014 applications to UC schools, visit the UCOP website.

Compiled by Amanda Schallert, Bruin senior staff.

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  • Guest

    The math doesn’t seem to add up? over 100k + over 90K + some more from other schools should total to more than 183k… hm?

    “More than 105,800 people applied for UCLA’s fall 2014 entering class, ”

    “UC Berkeley received the second highest number of applicants with just over 90,000.”

    “UC-wide, schools received a total of about 183,270 applicants,”

    I went to UCLA, but wasn’t a math major, so i could be getting this confused.

    • Go Bruins!

      It’s not exclusive. Some people applied to both UCLA & Berkeley.

      Over 100k applied to UCLA, of which 90K most likely also applied to CAL. The other 10k applied to UCLA but not CAL

    • UCLA ’13

      The math does not seem to add up at first glance, but I assume the number of UC- wide applicants (183,270) are “unique” applicants – meaning that 183k people applied to at least one UC. This is not the same as the total number of applications received by all UCs, which is what you are attempting to calculate. Applicants may submit more than one application.

      Of the 183k, 106k applied to UCLA.
      Of the 183k, 90k applied to Berkeley.
      Some who applied to UCLA may also have applied to Berkeley, and vice versa.
      We know at least 13k (106k + 90k – 183k) applied to both UCLA and Berkeley.
      We know at least 16k (106k – 90k) who applied to UCLA did not apply to Berkeley.

      • Don Knots

        Oh, god.

    • Santos Vazquez

      Should’ve gone to Berkeley; you would get it.